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LED shows screen controls a system
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(one) , control system characteristic
1, can broadcast character, 2 dimension with screen / program of three-dimensional animation, video, broadcast means agile and changeful, the operation is handy.
2, have PC passageway control and hardware synchronism map way of two kinds of works. The information of norms of random of screen of electron of support of means of PC passageway control, type shows and the program is broadcasted; Means of hardware synchronism map supports electronic screen and computer VGA synchronism to show. The content that shows on VGA (be like video of character, animation, multimedia) can go up in LED electron screen at the same time show come, offer 4 video to input signal (contain S-VIDEO signal among them) , the NTSC/PAL signal of VCD/LD/VIDEO/TV or other equipment but direct refute receives control lead plane to go up, brightness, contrast, colour saturation, volume is adjustable.

(2) , function
1, indication screen is being designed and make a lieutenant general the climate environment characteristic of mature place, to raise product reliability, our company ensure yuan of parts of an apparatus use inside rated temperature limits, big screen is had good and ventilated medicinal powder hot property, have the dustproof, mist that prevent salt, mouldproof, antistatic, prevent the function such as thunder.
2, the indication screen of high level controls a system:
The gray scale that one running water makes the same score A, international controls a technology, have 4096 class gray scale to show ability and video fall processing of a confusion of voices.
The frequency of B, indication screen scanning that has 300HZ.
3, the indication function of stable high quality:
My company has old soft, hardware to develop experience, write circuit of circuit, memory circuit, tall speedread, indication screen is received to control scanning in video undertook interference rejection is handled in circuit, make sure signal does not suffer interference.
A, screen can pass network join, undertake be controllinged remotely, use convenient.
B, signal passes power transmission cable to use special computer telecommunication cable (accord with RS-422A standard) , the synchronism that implements the computer and screen system corresponds.
C, character: Can broadcast all sorts of font of a variety of characters, glyph and different literal message, still can come true reverse page, shift, rotate, wave snow, roll screen, twinkle wait for more than 10 kinds of indication functions.
News of picture of D, computer: Can broadcast file of the graph of different pattern, image. Be like: BMP, TGA, TEXT, GIF.
E, animation: Can broadcast make with the software such as ANIMATORPRO, 3DStudio 2, three-dimensional animation, support with the AVI signal that compresses card to collect, package of sea Cheng software has convenient interfacial interface, substantial material library, body library and advanced apply colours to a drawing technology, can make the three-dimensional animation of high quality, make advertisement originality becomes distinct reality.
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