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LED moves feeling glow word to use a dominant position mediumly in high-rise
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As a result of the characteristic with energy-saving LED, LED has entered Cheng of urban light chemical industry, night scene of Cheng of many mark sex landscape, light chemical industry, illume begins to use LED the energy-saving solid body of Lan of this kind of 5 splash is new illuminant. Traditional city is bright convert phone of extraordinary waste time, it is the passive irradiation that uses a structure commonly, its power consumption is very big. If use the means that LED gives off light actively to undertake light changing, its power consumption sends brightness to change the 1/20 of means for passivity only.

LED illuminant uses feeling glow word the exterior form with character or label, installation carries ministry or metope on the head in Lou Yu, use Led to regard glow as illuminant, choose chip of Gao Liang Led, use control system, undertake to character or label dynamic video controls unique design to make traditional outdoors advertisement had brand-new possibility, its colorific abounds a gender to transcend the limitation of traditional neon lamp greatly, again the character that together with omits report relatively, and Led life train in excess specified length, substantially the cost expenditure that reduced maintenance.

Future is outdoors advertisement label market, led technology can complement each other with neon lamp, led illuminant with its energy-saving, life grows wait for distinct advantage, more and more important role acts as in outdoors advertisement illume. Inside the stereo glow word of buy Led illuminant has admirable visual appeal, color is subdued, move move result to abound. At the same time Led uses low voltage to move, on the safe side, mix in service life safeguard cost respect, have incomparable advantage to the other illuminant such as neon lamp. Compare with neon lamp photograph, LED illuminant uses feeling glow word is not by what present a construction tube is comprised, however by become independent respectively composition of lattice of pilot LED lamp, change is extremely accordingly substantial. The passivity that is different from lamp box, guidepost and magnetism platform trap door again gives off light, adopt sheet to nod active glow however, because this shows the effect is evener. Use advanced communication to control a technology, LED illuminant moves system of feeling glow word to be controlled by semiconductor circuit entirely, because this won't appear,resemble magnetism platform trap door the possibility of the sort of mechanical failure. At the same time control voltage is in 5 to 12 volt between, use quite safe.

Current neon lamp word because power comsumption is tall, fault rate reachs glow changeover high to lead low defect, already cannot be accepted by broad client place. LED illuminant moves feeling glow word to have glow brightness tall, indication effect dazzles beautiful changeful, life is long and very energy-saving wait for a characteristic, will be approbated by the user place of this one domain. Simple for, LED illuminant moves feeling glow word to have the following advantages:
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