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Medicinal powder heat and dependability are an influence LED uses main factor
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LED illuminant has two kinds of ways, one kind is to use traditional small-power LED to make combination, amount to about a hundred commonly even hundreds, power source design is complex. Another kind is to use high-power to provide light source, the price is more expensive. Two kinds of methods want inevitably to will come loose hot design and working dependability consider a factor as main design, home applies at the government to show plasticity project more, commercialize operational project truly very few, the applied example of foreign this respect is more, but its biggest drawback still is number of dependability, lumen giving light and price, a lot of projects because LED quality is inferior, did not show the advantage with long life well. Still have, from the angle consideration of cost, market, LED regards illume as illuminant, whether are its used with solar energy union, on the design need takes different course, not be to serve as a kind of illuminant to develop what can finish alone.
Product of LED parts of an apparatus applies to street lamp, the special requirement on the technology basically is to should combine LED light intensity and glow angle to design, combine as a result of many LED additionally, respect of design giving light wants territory of face of illuminate of give attention to two or morethings, need of respect of lamps and lanterns considers to come loose mainly hot effectiveness.
LED street lamp communicates the comparative advantage of street lamp with general: Energy-saving, environmental protection, mix easily low pressure is comfortable match, also can mix solar energy system is direct form a complete set, need not additional inversion, transition, can achieve the oldest energy utilization rate.
Insufficient: Illume angle slants small, inhomogenous, on the low side of index of color colour developing, optical, medicinal powder hot design is complex.
The inadequacy on the technology: The luminous flux below current technology is insufficient still, smooth effect is too small, character assures hard.
Solve measure: LED product application needs special design at street lamp, also need technical level (the test data that uses traditional light source will evaluate LED illuminant often not objective) .
LED application has congenital advantage to also have inferior position at street lamp. The advantage depends on: The first, LED serves as point light source, if the design is reasonable, can solve traditional and bulbiform illuminant to must rely on light to blast off 2 times when will solve to take light and smooth loss issue directly greatly; The 2nd, shoot the uniformity of the face to be able to accuse to illumination, theoretic can accomplish completely even inside target area, this also can avoid traditional light source " shine below the lamp " the light in the phenomenon is wasteful; The 3rd, colour temperature and optional, such is in in the application of different situation, also be to raise a when reduce cost efficiency, important way; The 4th, technical progress space still very big.
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