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51 sheet piece indication principle of LED of machine 8*8 lattice and program
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Column form demonstrates on 8X8 lattice LED, let its first from left move 3 times to right smooth slippage, next from right to Zun Ping slippage is moved 3 times, again smooth slippage of from the top down is moved 3 times, final from the bottom up makes the same score slippery shift 3 times, such loop goes down.

1. Programming content

Principle of job of 8X8 lattice LED explains: 8X8 lattice needs 64 glow diode to comprise in all, and every glow diode is to place be expert at on line and the crossing that arrange a line, arrange place when corresponding some 1 n, some group buy 0 n, corresponding diode is bright; Because this wants to implement the bright law of form of a column, if the graph is shown 49 times, corresponding label a perpendicular column, corresponding perhaps group is a horizontal column, because this implements the light method of column,following place narrate:

One sets upright column: Corresponding row buy 1, and the method that uses scanning all right will come true.
A horizontal column: Corresponding travel buy 0, and the method that the row uses scanning will come true.

2. Hardware circuit

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