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Super capacitor solves the LED of high resolution camera to show photoelectricit
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Prep above 2M is like the camera of element below dark smooth condition, to assure good image, need glitter of a height. However, batteries can create systematic restriction, it cannot offer LED light to output pulse of needs big electric current, and place of high resolution image needs this.

The step up converter that traditional LED flashs driver uses electric current to control mode (1) seeing a picture. As an example, the consideration passes 1A(of drive of 2 shunt-wound LED the circumstance of every LED) , be in with strong even light 2 201ux arises about inside rice. The output voltage of step up converter is equal to LED to adding bond to measure the voltage on resistor in electric flu to voltage. The biggest be 4.8V to voltage, assume bond measures the voltage on resistor to be 200mV in electric flu, criterion voltage of output of step up converter is 5V. Voltage of pool of false phasing Electromechanical has load for 3.3V() , efficiency of step up converter is 85% , here the circumstance falls, batteries electric current should be 5V/3.3V/85% × 2A=3.6A, this exceeded the capacity of batteries of general mobile telephone.

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