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Solve LED blemish jotter to be in a poor light LED new point of growth
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Although LED serves as the illuminant of indication equipment to get attention fully, but because at present the technology is not to the queen's taste, very much indication equipment is not quite practical still to LED illuminant, this lets the floodlight that at present LED still still can rely on a tradition only, MouseThe product such as the lamp will maintain main income source, and new profit point of growth is undoubted very important to current LED property.

From last year since second half of the year, LED serves asJotterThe illuminant of computer got is likeHP, DELL, SamSung, the support of the firm of actual strength group such as LG, Hua Shuo, and the near future has a news show, be in in the near future later, LED will regard the first selection of notebook computer screen as illuminant, traditional light source will exit the market slowly, to the left and right sides will finish replacement 2011.

Although everybody already can see the notebook computer that many use LED are in a poor light in the market now, but the LED in applying actually still still has certain inadequacy, if LED illuminant is in,be in a poor light with the tradition photograph comparing still is perplexing the LED illuminant development in applying actually at present in life respect and patent dispute, at present the yield of LED can the requirement that still can't satisfy manufacturer respect, the circumstance that demand exceeds supply appears in the market at present, bring about the price to issue the occurrence of demote circumstance hard.

In technical respect, 12.1 inches of screen need the light source that 36 LED constitute, 13.1 inches need 42 14.1 very little need 48, 15.1 inches need 60. Be in a poor light as notebook computer the demand of the respect is increased ceaselessly, the profit point of growth with new LED will bring more sizable profit for the manufacturer.

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