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LED illume, the development trend of outdoors new media
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The first, outdoors new media is polar the tide that turn, one is the trend of in a popular style, one is the trend that exceeds fractionize. Since cent numerous the concept that after coming out, everybody accepted fractionize completely, the degree that reached to overrun even sometimes. Present outdoors new media still basically is channel kind media, basically originate suffer numerous contact to nod. Each contact dot may produce new media. Should tell, beyond the mark fine become divided had been caused suffer detest numerously. 3 years nearly two, this industry may have bigger shuffle, the tendency that has very much fine become divided had arrived at certain.

Additional, it is the trend of in a popular style, it is especially in the communal environment that closes relatively, this a few annual meeting compare the trend of in a popular style apparent. It is above all in similar bus, in the communal environment that the subway, aviation closes this kind quite, get numerous crowd bigger, contact frequency second this kind of much channel, public media is more. 3 years nearly two, fractionize changes a large number of generation of new media to may bring about bigger confluence, there may be a shirt-sleeve process each other when the thing goes an extreme.

The 2nd, from subjective on look, future inside 10 years, in big city, outdoors and traditional media may be replaced by the new form place such as outdoors video, outdoors LED stage by stage. Everybody knows, suffer numerous use at outdoor time increasing, outdoors and traditional media more concepts that are a dot, enclothe actually face and get numerous retention period less. New technology of outdoors media domain is more active at the same time, and new technology development is very rapid, this can farther exciting new media grows, mature. Outdoors advertising growth basically is to come from outdoors video, outdoors LED. Public transportation and mobile TV 2007 relatively growth exceeded 200% 2006, outdoors LED is added fast very breathtaking also, achieve 148% .

In market of American outdoors advertisement, outdoors video, LED held absolutely large share, and in light of the advertisement income growth from all sorts of configuration, outdoors video advertising grows what speed has exceeded a network to add fast. This also is to China the enlightenment with can have certain is mixed demonstrative action, the development in Chinese outdoors video is very rapid. Of course what thing happens likely, when using MP3 with respect to firm before like me habit, MP4 appeared, had not mastered the function of MP4 completely, there had been MP5 now, always exceed our imagination.

The 3rd, to the judgement of new media, the likelihood follows traditional media to be able to have bigger distinction, the consequence that traditional media more relies on content will obtain rise abruptly or succeed continuously. And outdoors new media has 4 elements to affect its to succeed continuously, namely channel resource, technology, capital, brand.
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