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Full prize LED shows the tie-in plan of screen is solved
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The LED of chinese mainland shows screen industry starts the earliest 1987 around, through the joint development of 10 the coming year, already took shape now. Current, LED shows the manufacturer home of screen is increasing, there is no lack of among them a few preeminent companies, they flourished jointly this burgeoning high-tech industry. 21 centuries are an era that flat bespeaks, LED shows screen regards flat as one of indication mainstream products, also be sure to be able to have bigger perspective.

LED shows a kind to screen is the electronic monitor that waits for union of photograph of new and high technology by computer technology, information processing technology, electron technology, optics and colorimetry, popularly says, LED indication screen is divided again for monochromatic screen, double lubricious screen reachs Quan Caibing. Alleged monochromatic screen, just as its name implies, monitor is comprise by the LED of some kind of onefold color. The indication screen that regards as to resemble element red and green LED calls double color screen or chromatic screen. Red, green, orchid 3 kinds of LED put what resemble element as together to show screen cries trichromatic screen or Quan Caibing. Accompany green chip brightness to promote ceaselessly, quan Caibing is gaining ground with a kind of unprecedented speed and popularize. Especially the success of Beijing Shen Ao, it puts forward " green Olympic Games " appeal, make the market prospect of LED Quan Caibing more inviting.

LED Quan Caibing is divided again for indoor screen (Indoor) with outdoors screen (Outdoor) , we introduce the commonly used term of a few Quan Caibing first.

Dot (Pixel) : Resemble the abbreviation that element nods, general by R/G/B the LED of 3 kinds of color is comprised. The kind that presses composition is different, divide again wait for different combination for 1R/1G/1B, 2R/1G/1B, 2R/2G/1B, it is Quan Caibing is basic into resemble an unit.

Dot span (Pitch) : Indication screen resembles the distance between the center of element each, express with Mm commonly, it decided the amount resembling element of a Quan Caibing.

Gray scale grade (GrayScale) : The essence that indication screen brightness adjusts is fineness the gray scale grade that is called indication screen, popularly says, gray scale order and degree is higher, indication color is richer. LED changes the drive means of color to have two kinds commonly, one kind is the electric current that changes LED. Generally speaking, best set is in the working electric current of LED 20mA is the following, with assuring LED fight attenuation sex. Additionally one kind of vision that is eye of benefit choose and employ persons is inert, will realize gray scale control with pulse modulation. The person is desirable to the feeling of average like element brightness decline at it definitely / destroy (occupy sky comparing) , change periodicly namely occupy sky comparing, as long as this cycle is enough short, person eye does not feel those who give it to decline / destroy.
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