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LED shows electrostatic harm reachs preventive measure in screen production proc
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In recent years, technology of production of LED indication screen is in our country gradually hasten is mature, applied domain is reached extensively gain ground make a trend. But at present most LED shows screen manufacturer still has the real capacity that produces this kinds of product not completely, show to LED screen product brought hidden trouble thereby, down to affects whole market. How standardization production, the LED that how produces a low attenuation on real significance, macrobian lot shows screen product? What the article shows from LED screen produces a course only is electrostatic defend angle, discuss this course electrostatic brought harm reachs his to defend method.

   The reason of electrostatic generation:

From microcosmic on say, according to atomic physics theory, electrically neutral when material is in report to balance position, the gain and loss of the electron that arises as a result of the contact of different corporeal electron, make material loses report to balance, produce electrostatic phenomenon.

From macroscopical on tell, the reason has: Heat build-up of the attrition between the object, arouse an electron to transfer; The contact between the object and detached generation electron are transferred; What electromagnetism induction creates object surface charge is lopsided distributing; Attrition and the integrated effect of electric magnetic induction.

Electrostatic voltage is by the material of different sort mutual contact arises with depart. This kind of effect is the report since everybody's hep attrition namely, the tension that produces depends on the character of the material itself of mutual attrition. In because LED displays screen,producing a course actually, basically be human body and yuan the direct contact of parts of an apparatus and medical contacts generation are electrostatic. What according to the characteristic of course of study of one's own profession so we can become a few specific aim is electrostatic be on guard measure.

   Electrostatic the harm that shows in LED screen production process is medium

If be in,production is ignored on any link antistatic, it will cause electronic equipment to be out of order to make its damage even.

When semiconductor device is placed alone or loading circuit, although did not append report, as a result of electrostatic the permanent damage that causes these parts of an apparatus possibly also. Everybody is hep, LED is semiconductor product, if two of LED sutural or more is sutural the breakdown strength that the voltage between exceeds component medium, can cause damage to component. Oxidation layer is thinner, criterion LED and drive IC are bigger also to electrostatic sensitivity, for example of soldering tin not full, problem of presence of quality of soldering tin itself is waited a moment, can produce serious leak way, cause annihilative destruction thereby.

Because the temperature of node exceeds the melting point of semiconductor silicon,another kind of breakdown is (1415 ℃ ) when what cause. Electrostatic pulse energy can produce local place to give out heat, because this appears,direct puncture tube is mixed the breakdown of IC. Although voltage is low the puncture voltage at medium, also can produce this kind of breakdown. A typical case is, LED is the diode that PN knot comprises, blast off to be able to make with the puncture between base voltaic gain is reduced quickly extremely. LED itself or after the in each IC in drive circuit is affected electrostaticly, do not appear possibly also instantly the attaint of functional sex, the ability in these getting that the component of potential damage is using a process normally can be shown come, it is deadly to showing the life of screen is affected so.
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