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Adjustable and colour temperature Bai Guang LED pushs lighting engineering to an
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Surmount traditional lighting engineering ceaselessly as the function of solid state lighting engineering and efficiency, this are new the technology got applied extensively. Nevertheless, if we just use a static state,white smooth LED replaces the word of traditional technique, develop the total latent capacity of solid state lighting engineering truly hard, the trait that cannot achieve a product adequately is changed. In intelligent driver support falls, LED illumination luminaries can replace white smooth illume not only, and still can realize new function, and these functions use traditional lighting engineering is very difficult implementation.

Everybody knows: "All colour include white " . The basis is relevant and colour temperature (CCT) , the white that existing to differ is moved, from warm white (the light that is like incandescent lamp) till cold white (the light that is like indicator light of numerous and inchoate LED and power source LED) , these two kinds of tonal scale are in above of 2700 ~ 6000K. If we use conventional technology, can add dialogue light to undertake only " tone is smooth " function of this kind of intelligence. If use solid state lighting engineering, design personnel can obtain brand-new function from which, say to adjust for example Bai Guang is colour temperature, change environment.

The advantage of this kind of new function includes to improve the efficiency of working unit, make retail environment becomes more charming to the client, increased guest flow thereby, can produce a kind of illumination that has affinity more to welcome the result in hotel service industry. In addition, we are returned can a day of the season with different basis, product, medium different period of time illumination effect in change retail environment, promote sale work thereby, and need not undertake to business shop large-scale transform. Brightness is adjustable one of character that are solid state lighting engineering, of course besides, solid state illume still has energy-saving, reduce cost, extend the advantage such as equipment working hours, these advantages are driving the LED technology wide application in illume market.

Before improving a function, first job ensures namely likely illume result. To accelerate promotion rate, we ought to the lighting engineering of comply with tradition is normative, the anticipation that ensures the illume effect of new technology can satisfy illume to design division of personnel, framework and final user asks. Can provide proper illume result only, and have those who add intelligence to change a function but expansibility, ensure at the same time the technology of inferior trade cost, ability is brought for illume market change revolutionarily. Function (illumination intensity) , quality (apply colours to a drawing of lubricious gentle colour) and illume (horn of beam of light and glow intensity) it is the important parameter that we should consider. Colour apply colours to a drawing is the colour developing index in using IEC standard normally (CRI) standard will measure, what it reflects is ability of colorific of accurate and duplicate illume.
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