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LED illume applies from solution of power source of line AC-DC switch
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Compare with traditional illuminant photograph, glow diode (LED) has numerous advantage, if working voltage is low, can effect is tall, very cabinet produce directional light. They can offer extremely broad colour and Bai Guang, do not arise infra-red (IR) or ultraviolet (UV) radiate, and because they are solid state parts of an apparatus, very solid on machinery, and do not contain mercury, in appropriate design and the working life that more than 50 thousand hours can have when using, far grow 1000 hours of 1 life at standard incandescent lamp. In addition, they are completely adjustable still smooth. These advantages make the application of LED wider and wider, already had numerous applied market nowadays, if build landscape illume, liaison man signal lamp, indication screen, retail, medium small size liquid crystal displays screen (LCD) is in a poor light, car and solar energy, be in street illume, residence illume and even in large size LCD is in a poor light the respect has larger and larger development space.

Tall brightness LED is saved to the sources of energy of illume design, whole world and innovation product has great sense, crucial to revolution of illume of ecbolic solid state. This kind of revolution needs the way of sex of a kind of whole, in this among them, LED and power source changeover and control electronic parts and heat government solution and optical parts of an apparatus are compositive together.

The power source solution that LED illume applies

As above, LED is low voltage parts of an apparatus substantially; According to colour and electric current different, of LED coming at be not worth 2V to voltage interpose between 4.5V. In addition, LED needs to use constant electric current comes drive, ensure thereby the glow brilliance that achieves place to need and colour. This needs to corresponding power source is changed and control a solution to be able to get used to different power source, no matter be communication circuitry, solar energy board, 12V car batteries, direct current source or system of low pressure communication, it is to be based on even alkaline the batteries with nickel or lithium ion batteries.

Regard the high-energy effect with a banner whole world as supplier of power source semiconductor, an Sen beautiful semiconductor is dedicated the challenge that the low voltage at applying oneself and tall voltage technology and the special skill that run solution side in power source will come to to answer LED illume place to be faced with: No matter be portable,show the ballast of illume of interior of product, car or LED signal lamp. Hereinafter, we will combine LED illuminative a variety of different application, if building, industry, car mixes portable applying to wait, the solution of drive power source with beautiful corresponding semiconductor of discussion An Sen.

1) but of FET of high pressure of compositive and highest 700V from solution of power source of line AC-DC switch

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