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Solution of driver of Bai Guang LED
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WLED solution is compositive the advantage of craft of Bai Guang LED and innovation energy-saving plan (for example: Ambient light accuses illume) , can apply inside wider range thereby, achieved than allowing when to be awaited in the past taller efficiency. Solution of existing driver of great majority WLED still wants and collocation of solution of driver of voltage step up is used; But, as the diversification of WLED application and technology, the choice space of WLED driver solution is vaster and vaster also. Linear matchs current source is a such new-style solution. Heart state apparatus (the low pressure that TI) rolls out falls (TPS7510x of driver of LDO) linear WLED can be used at drive WLED. This applied manual will be right this one new-style technology and existing step up solution undertake comparative.

1 setting

Inchoate mobile phone all has cheaper chromatic glow diode (LED) , use at clavier illume and black and white liquid crystal to show (LCD) carries smooth illume on the back. Alive Ji Zhi is handed in, the progress of LED technology realized the illume of La Baiguang LED of mobile phone clavier. Bai Guang LED(WLED) just contains the La Guang LED of special coating namely, produce white shade wavelengh thereby. Because WLED is OK,panchromatic spectrum blasts off on LCD monitor, so WLED is the main illume color in the mobile phone now. Be in a poor light besides panchromatic LCD beyond illume, WLED still can be used at ball of clavier, contrail and control pushbutton illume, camera to shine quickly with flashlight.

Need of generation WLED is taller to voltage (> 4.2V) and electric current (> the glow that 20mA) will come to realize place of mobile phone application to need is spent or brightness. These voltage are general power source of prep above batteries, and need has driver IC undertake step up to voltage of LED power source. The electricity that needs as a result of WLED place is very tall, so they used up shift to hold the major batteries n in terminal normally. Prolong battery service life to reduce power comsumption, the progress of WLED engineering technology reduces the WLED with was brought more cheap with what produce cost, this kind of WLED needs fewer electric current to be able to produce needs glow to spend only. In electric current lower (<10mA) below the circumstance, can with lower realizing these WLED to voltage.

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