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LED is portable be in a poor light solution of applied power source
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Bai Guang LED and RGB are trichromatic LED applies extensively at face plate of small size LCD and clavier be in a poor light and indicator light application. In mobile phone and digital camera application, tall brightness LED still can use as flashlight power source. These application need optimized solution, want not only can utmost lengthens batteries to use time, at the same time even the oldest rate reduces PCB to take up area and height.

Be in a poor light in this kind of LED in application, can use linear manostat already, also can use switch manostat, each have its advantage. Linear manostat structure compares simple, design simple, cost low, noise low, dimension electric current of small, static state is small. And of switch manostat can effect is taller, can amount to 70~85% . The application of An Sen beautiful semiconductor according to the user demand, offer the solution of a variety of types. In respect of switch manostat solution, offer inductance at the same time model with charge pump this two sort model. Specific and character, NCP5005 of driver of inductance step up, NCP5050 has the advantage of high-energy effect and high output voltage, its can effect is as high as 90% above, and mostly can drive amounts to LED(of 5 series connection to output voltage to amount to 21V) . In addition, because LED uses series connection connection, the parts of an apparatus of this kind of type also has ideal illumination / electric current matchs character. As a result of need not inductance, NCP5602 of charge pump driver, NCP5612, NCP5623 conduces to bring up small-sized and compact solution, and appear this portable product of small size LCD in right applying it is important to still be. The driver of this kind of type provides the capacitance of low cost and resistance, can bring up the solution with lower cost. This kind of driver is OK drive 1 to 3 LED, agree with of small-sized parts of an apparatus be in a poor light application.

Besides LCD, organic glow diode (this kind of burgeoning indication technology also begins OLED) in recent years application is in portable apparatus and even in in TV of large size flat. What appear at first on the market is passive matrix OLED(PMOLED) , as a result of its drive develop attacks structural reason, its show size limit is reached in 1.8 inches the following, commonly used mix at MP3 player in mobile phone deputy screen. Technology of newer active matrix OLED(AMOLED) did not demonstrate the limitation of measure respect, it has multinomial and significant advantage than LCD, answer like broad perspective, tall contrast, splitting noise the ply with time and small a rope for towing a boat, the need that it eliminated this profit from to be in a poor light. AMOLED face plate is used at the mobile phone advocate indication screen and MP3 player.

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