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The medium voltage LED of wide input limits applies solution of DC-DC power sour
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Besides application of portable power supply, still a series of tall brightness LED apply the job to be in the 8 power source to 40VDC limits, these power source include adapter of plumbic acerbity batteries, 12-36VDC, solar battery and low pressure 12 communicate a system with 24VAC. This kind illume application is numerous, if mobile type illume, landscape is mixed illume of car and road illume, traffic illume, solar energy power supply, and display ark illume to wait.

Express 1: The DC-DC LED of wide input limits applies

Although the target is to use constant voltaic drive LED, the input that the incident that wants understanding above all uses namely and output voltage change. Of LED mixing by electric current of limits of temperature of material character, knot, drive to voltage production tolerance decision. Depend on these information, can choose appropriate linear or develop of switch power source to attack structure, be like step up or linear, step-down, step-down - step up.

the LED application that is less than 40V to inputting voltage, if output voltage to be less than input voltage, choose step-down develop to attack structure. On this foundation, undertake choosing again according to exporting electricity. If output electric current to be more than 1.2A, the NCP3065 of manostat of switch of 1.5A constant current that can use a design to be used at spending LED power supply for Gao Liang. This parts of an apparatus has the voltage of extremely low feedback of rating 235mV, the average electric current that suits to be strung together to LED has steady flow. It is had come high the limits of wider input voltage of 40V, make its can work in 12Vac or 12Vdc power source. The version that NCP3065 earlies childhood to apply for suiting car class, NCV3065. Need to use few exterior cell only (like MOSFET or) of low VCEsat switch, NCP3065 switch manostat can be configured attack for the develop such as step-down, step up or SEPIC structure. This makes it still can apply with what be less than 1.2A at electric current. Be less than the application of 1.2A to electric current, still can use NCP1215 MOSFET to make step-down converter. the application that is less than 500mA and input report crimp to output voltage nearly to electric current, can use such NUD4001 constant to shed linear driver.

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