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LED shows screen trends indicates the implementation with long-range monitoring
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LED lattice electron shows screen is collect microelectronics technology, computer technology, information processing technology at an organic whole large indication screen system. It with its colourful, dynamic range is wide, brightness is tall, life is long, the job stabilizes the good choice that wait for an advantage reliably and makes numerous indication media and open operation show. Also can apply military affairs, station, guesthouse, sports, news, finance, negotiable securities, advertisement and traffic extensively to carry at the same time wait for a lot of industries.

   At present most LED lattice shows the system takes font oneself

Its show and dynamic effect (the scroll that basically is indication content) implementation basically relies on hardware scanning drive, although this method is more convenient, but show can according to beforehand the design undertakes. And the trends that encounters a few special demands via regular meeting actually shows, a form of amplitude of appearance of the fluctuation shift that in moving, for instance elevator indicates arrowhead, certain intelligence show, the brand of the manufacturer in advertisement shows etc. At this moment average indication system is very inaccessible requirement. Additional, because get the confine of memory itself, its are special character or design often also show hard, show content also cannot be changed at will at the same time. The article puts forward a kind to use PC and sheet piece method of communication of indication system of machine pilot LED. This method can is opposite indication content (include Chinese character and special plan symbol) undertake real time is controlled, realize such as to blink thereby, scroll, type wait for a variety of dynamic indication effects. This method still can adjust at the same time the rate that trends shows, at the same time the user also can be in what undertake indication the result on the PC to preview, indication content also can be revised immediately. Additional, through RS232 / of the standard 485 changeover module returns the long-range control that can implement pair of indication systems.

   Systematic hardware is designed

The hardware design with this main system is to issue a machine sheet piece the indication of machine controls a share. And go up a machine (PC) with sheet piece the interface of part of engine indication control is means of standard RS232 communication. If need to realize long-range monitoring, need to increase RS232 / only 485 changeover module can, this part already had mature circuit design, reason no longer go into particulars.

Specific LED shows if the graph is shown 1 times,screen dominates circuit. Whole circuit by sheet piece memory of data of machine 89C52, lattice 6264, register of TIP122 of circuit of drive of ULN2803 of line drive circuit, travel, shift 4094 reach accessary circuit composition. The electronic screen that this circuit place designs can show 10 Chinese characters, need module of lattice of 8LED of 40 8 × , can comprise 16 × the rectangular lattice of 160. As a result of space of storage of AT89C52 only 8k, and indication content is controlled by the PC, the presence of lattice of content make it that indicates need impossibly beforehand accordingly is only a machine is medium, and the latticedot matrix data that can want place immediately to show by the PC only sends sheet piece machine stock buffer 6264.
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