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Li Zhen classics: Information goes south
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Zou area is trying hard to dress to ancient town

Zou region market is even bigger than what we imagine, besides city of old lamps and lanterns, such dimensions return city of lamps and lanterns of periphery resembling Xin Hui greatly have two 3, be in a of build according to Wen Zheng 6, act the role of a city to also want to be in by lamp of supermarket mode operation this year practice. Market of these a few lamps and lanterns becomes repeatedly almost, ramble to go not to go out, dynamoelectric 3 rounds of vehicle that are the commonnest carry goods in the market, often can come up against old boss and wealthy person to opening ablaze car contact to stay within the market, market position is very comfortable, won't let a person feel to have congested feeling. Cast other factor, in the person gas and content shed density respect, linyi of Zou area be not a patch on, this is my individual feeling only. The Zou region market of our bring into contact with reachs relevant trade public figure, they are mixed in the history of market of countrywide lamps and lanterns to Zou area dimensions takes great pride, among them a man of insight also realises, market of lamps and lanterns has done not have space of how many growth on dimensions next, can undertake changing on mode and management only. This year in April, zou area reachs delegate of door of course of study to form a delegation to go to ancient town by leader of government, association, market go on a pilgrimage for Buddhist scriptures. Ancient town what two this years high speed development takes the achievement that promote and industry advantage, area letting Zou is very much the person is colourful admire unceasingly, but Zou area produces an enterprise at present to make an appointment with 70 only, did not form industrial dimensions, development dilate rate is too slow, how to use the lamps and lanterns that will form for years advantage of distributing center and wholesale sale, make a Changjiang Delta " ancient town " , it is Zou area present dream. Zou area is located in long triangle, capability of manufacturing form a complete set is very strong also, its dispersive lamp acts the role of manufacturer home, the mode with need good rises centrally development, jiangsu province labels Zou area " group of province key industry plans " , on certain level, also gave Zou area to very large base is enraged and press action. So, zou area person mentions ancient town a very high position will treat.

Guild function abounds an influence big

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