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The personage inside Qingdao course of study talks about illume industry foregro
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Someone says illume industry is entering a new development level, someone says illume market returns non-standard competition administrative levels very low, someone says the industry has begun to shuffle, old brand absolutely dirt and go, xiao door of course of study steps forward dimension difficult... before great change, a lot of more provincial dealer also is thinking in succession or change answer, for this, 2 people near future visited dawn of the Song Dynasty of assistant director of district of our newspaper Qingdao and Li Jing lamp of Qingdao number home acts the role of a businessman, arrange the following content with period cast a brick to attract jade-offer a few commonplace remarks by way of introduction so that others may come up with valuable opinions, can cause the participation of more a man of insight and contribution.

Linyi flies amount to manager of electronic agency Huang Hongtao: Want a brand to run. Illuminant product is many somes shammer, need to rectify, false attestation is very simple, very much also, the administrative strength of main reason or market is no good. Consumer does not understand the situation inside the industry, it is very difficult to guide consumption. Malign competition is serious on present market, expression is not doing a brand to make price. I feel to sell a product to sell a service namely, sell common people to want to quality is done above all assure, such your product ability are in the market stop.

Chen Hui of total representative of Shandong of sea Er electrical engineering illume bright manager: The class of consumer is uneven, recognition of consumptive idea brand is thinner. Add customer knowledge is not thorough, so a lot of sham, the thing that fills name tagvisiting card with a less known and inferior brand emerges in endlessly, the intermediate brand quality in the market is actually better, sham little also, the price is low also, it is the choice of consumer ideal. The jumble of the competition that do not have foreword that basically is interior of property of to give way, only everybody rises jointly put an end to the market the vicious circle of non-standard competition, ability elbows out rubbish product a market, slowly to commercialize, change to the brand draw close.
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