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Make a product with conscience
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What is the purpose that does a business? It is to had made money merely a wedding day, for duty of national much node? Do not have actually so simple. The reporter browsed an album of paintings of company of on 1000 lighting, a word makes reporter memory the deepest: Dedication is on. This is right probably " why to establish enterprise " the answer of highest state.

Other people is good, oneself had been met naturally

"Dedication is on " it is strange brightness illuminative business concept -- " strange brightness mental dedication is on " medium elite. Zhongshan city is strange brightness limited company of lighting electric equipment is founded 1998, cover an area of a face to accumulate 10 thousand much square metre now, it is manufacturer of an illume product, have strange brightness with shake card two brands. Wang Xiaochu of this company general manager tells a reporter, "Dedication is on " it is he realizes a truth that go out 7 years,   , do business it may not be a bad idea, be an upright person it may not be a bad idea, there should be another person in the heart only, for others consider, you meet those who get a society approbate for certain.

He says, do an enterprise to want to accomplish " dedication is on " the product that postulate wants to had had namely. Without good product, damage public interest not to say, the society that which come to is consecratory? But have on the market so one part person, jerry, value only at the moment interest, disregard the quality of the product however. Have the person of conscience as, he special detest, because,not be their race to control strange brightness the market, however the manner with the irresponsible person that because of them this kind of offset is expended.

The quality problem of the fire control lamp on the market basically goes to be mixed in batteries on circuit board. Press rigid standard, take the lash-up light of nickel cadmium cell, can work below high temperature condition and assure the capacity of batteries, this belongs to the product with excellent quality, but on market less; It is to use epispastic cell next, a few large and medium-sized lash-up light company uses epispastic cell for the most part; But what company of light of major small-sized lash-up uses is illicit of national explicit order plumbic acerbity batteries, the security that gives a project is buried played many hidden trouble.
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