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Stage endowment " astral acute " how to march outback market?
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"Outback market is done hard! " this is not little military of stage endowment industry defeats what give out after outback market to plaint.
It is early two years ago, stage endowment enterprise most Dongguan city of concentration has select the An Qi that lamp of a person of extraordinary powers, Kang Erfu, SamSung acts the role of a group wait for stage endowment enterprise to march outback market, they experience a paragraph " cross " hind exit cloudily. And just is in at that time, taiwan is strong the astral acute illume that exhibits banner of company limited company to fall however ground of do sth on a large scale marchs outback market, make a famouser brand with two years of time. How is astral acute illume to march of outback market? Kang Wenjie of this company general manager disclosed to our newspaper reporter recently therein cause.

Acute of stage endowment star " not Wei " outback market
Reporter (the following abbreviation writes down) : In last few years, many stages endowment the enterprise exits outback market cloudily in succession. As the Taiwan businessman, do you think what prime cause is?
Kang Wenjie (the following abbreviation health) : Have subjective reason, also have objective reason. It is stage endowment enterprise did not execute mainland to change run, break away from Chinese market current situation; 2 it is stage endowment enterprise is existing to hold the concept that makes outback market concurrently, did not manage only; 3 it is outback market certain non-standard management behavior lets stage endowment enterprise fear.
Write down: Strange is, you know they abandoned Chinese market finally obviously, why to enter even? Be afraid of follow the same old disastrous road?
Health: Actually, astral acute entered Chinese market 8 years ago, basically just manage festive lantern before. But go from bad to worse of festive lantern market, copy risks development speed be not a patch on speed, so we begin transition two years ago. Commercial illume is entered after transition, absorb dome light and power source territory, issue great strength to develop outback market, be the client that we have a batch of stability? Crow 2 be we have make to the mould from products plan, die-casting, note the model, punch, polish, lacquer that bake, assemble consistency to make Cheng equipment? Crow 3 it is the experience that we have operation inland market and stronger foreign sale capability, accordingly we have hope very much.
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