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My joys and sorrows of life
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District director this profession, I was engaged in 3 years. Most the thing that fear meets the agency that runs train of thought without clarity namely, this kind of agency is being held in the arms " Xiaofu is installed namely " psychology, not " seek big far, beg win greatly " recognizant concept, no matter how we do thought work, also do not agree to throw resource to make the market, bring about the market to develop backwater not before. In 3 years, beijing, Tianjin, Shandong, Heibei, Shaanxi, Shanxi, Jiangxi, Hunan kept my track, witnessed my growing course of 3 years, also made me deep experience among them joys and sorrows of life.

Experience " thing " the acid at the beginning of

I rise this job think back now, according to the feeling that still has feel sad. That is the company of the first lighting that after happening in me to graduate, serves, my post is Tianjin district director, also be first alone person is away on official business distance.
The company when remembering becoming allocates I go to Tianjin when, in the heart very glad. Because I am yearning when read,look to Beijing, Tianjin. Have an opportunity eventually, the humor is very good, after lending a money to the company, hasty ground set foot on the train that north goes to. That was November, be in Guangdong to still can wear a shirt, but north already was cold winter, classics regular meeting snows, although I am worn is his thickest wool garment, but train freezes me so that want dead.
Because the bussiness trip of the company is accessorial finite, cannot live guesthouse, hotel, can look for hostel only. Tianjin arrives first, life ground is not familiar, pulling frail body to search stay place in northward winter, flavor is not very in the heart, at the outset excitement and joyance disappear at a draught into thin air. Because just came out to work, oneself also do not have the saving, after the loan of the company buys the clothes place remnant very few, can maintain the life that is less than a week only. North arrives first, have a meal unaccustomed, money is done not have to hand in accommodation to expend after 3 days.
Remember that day is on November 18, I had owed accommodation of 3 days to expend, hostel boss says, or else is handed in cannot live. At that time in the heart extremely sad, how to do? So cold weather, where to go in the evening? It is the day is not had really absolutely the person's road! That day afternoon, chief inspector calls come over, say to went to Tianjin at 11 o'clock in the evening. Just issueing heavy snow that evening, look in me, the arrival of chief inspector is provide timely help, everything is lot! If lead the word that does not come that evening, I am afraid be about to be frozen ill. This thing all the time bury is in in my heart most in.

After task of the sale that finish sweet

Every the beginning of the year, every months first, the company can give each district director make known to lower levels sell the assignment, the everybody of region market works hard for this target. In the process of the target that finish, you can experience the joy that blends in whole group; Every month end, see the answered a paragraph to obtain a company demand of the market, your ability also got affirmation, enjoyed the fruit of small victory. The challenge of the market is just like a fruit, once the opportunity is mature, pick it, those who sample is sweet.
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