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The class resides travel to be on expressway
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Guangzhou city class resides floodlight to act the role of limited company is advocate battalion floodlight is acted the role of, and the chain that the domain such as Xiang Buyi, furniture, home act the role ofing expands manages an orgnaization, it is current bead trigonometry district operation the biggest, actual strength brand of the most abundant, representative is most, professional the strongest floodlight acts the role of one of enterprises. Class house head office is located in Guangzhou city east a mountainous area Dong Tailu 60 date head, 2; Flagship store is located in new city of Guangzhou city Pearl River to spend city highway 2F of a Na Tianan field, exhibition hall area 2120 much square metre, act as agent jade-like stone brightness, fine jade bright, gram of mangrove, Nuo tens of domestic and international well-known trademark. The variety that the company runs is various, quality is outstanding, design is original, true it may be said " lamp act the role ofing is pithy, all be here " , there is good brand beauty in consumer memory praise degree.

The talent is the safeguard of contented client demand

Class house floodlight acts the role of what serve as base oneself upon with sincere letter and service this, offerred for consumer " sale, design, deserve to send, installation, cultivate, maintenance " etc a series of before carry out, carry out the excellent service such as medium, carry out hind. "Your place needs, my service " the recognizant standard that already was company faculty.

Look into future, guangzhou city class resides illume to pass many recruit followers, in-house resource is integrated, will stride bigger step to develop, believe not far in the future, in the whole nation each are big city, will see the class resides the form of chain.

Look into future, "Big current, large-scale " the inevitable trend that already made trade, so, the class resides the pace of times of person follow closely, enhance a person with ability groom the distribution program that reachs countrywide market, wu is begged make class house acts the role of the position inside sale domain to be able to consolidate in the lamp. The class resides illume general to " hind decorate a times " march with all one's strength, develop domestic act the role ofing hard, home of cloth art, high-quality goods is acted the role of, the market such as furniture, high-grade decoration, believe not far in the future, "The class is resided " a will be thorough common feelings of people famous nation brand.

The company has a batch of integrated quality tall, cohesive affinity the strong, professional team that has competition ability, existing employee 200 much people. Can ask according to client and environment, offer different feasible program, choose right product, undertake professional illume project is installed, have a design, deserve to send, installation, maintenance service system, can satisfy the client's requirement better.

In the meantime, we are acted on " establish letter, deal with concrete matters relating to work, major " tenet, offer perfect terminal and mart branch to sell a network for the supplier. Hope in the development journey henceforth we and manufacturer are entered in all hand in hand, achieve in all brilliant! This is our consistent pursuit, class house regards the crucial resource that promotion of business development, brand, market extends as the client, expand the service to carry out from carry out hind before medium, carry out. And " the client's satisfaction " regard pair of clients as forever acceptance, do one's best contented client demand while, also provide integrated service for the client, turn into the client's ideal and pursuit reality.
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