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Always smooth lamp acts the role of successful recipe
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Agency brief introduction

  Cheng Guifang, Linyi city always smooth lamp acts the role of general manager of limited company of lighting electric equipment. The company held water 1993, expand through development of 12 years, the retailing shop development that already had a few counter only from in the past is become have 2 2 branches, agency (Jinan, Qingdao) , management area area of 2000 more than square metre, storage the civilian battalion company of 3800 more than square metre. This company obtained Ou Silang with good reputation and actual strength early or late electric equipment of illume of illume, aurora of 3 male · , blessing field, fine jade harbor of lamp of the Qing Yi of illume of bright illume, a person of extraordinary powers harding iron, Korea, guest room that be the same as a day, Guangdong, built province inside and outside site of 430 many sales. Among them the site that Shandong market occupies 80% above, the province city such as Heibei, Anhui, Henan, North Jiangsu is occupied 20% the left and right sides.

Experience communication

Turn one's head goes, myriad of our deep feeling, look into future, our confidence is centuple. Always smooth person can gain present success, those who divide manufacturer support energetically, outside the help of guide and support of your kind effort that reachs associate of each district agency, return hang on the reason of the following and main field:
1, internally, built external " sincere letter " mechanism.
We think from beginning to end: Sincere letter is the fountainhead that the essential, innovation that establishs great cause is company development. No matter be the relationship of person arteries and veins that sincere letter should establish between manufacturer and agent or agent and agency, handle the business dealings of both sides happening with the manner of sincere letter. Our relation is the concern that buy and sells not just, and more why is Ying Congru done big, make strong brand, how to realize collective profit, profit the biggest the strategic point of view that change goes considering, always of smooth person " sincere letter " got be reflectinged very well in the coexist with the partner with test and verify.
In the meantime, always led a layer to also notice employee serves as the one big money of the company solely, weigh great sense to what company future develops. To make employee right the company has attributive feeling, make larger contribution for the company, the company perfected the welfare measure to employee: When employee spends birthday, the company serves a cake, blessing; Annual 1 employee goes out travel; The company buys for the worker " danger of person accident harm " , " endowment insurance " wait. Want to be able to be accomplished only and affirmatory to employee thing, company all without exception gives attentively, persistently fulfil.
2, active enterprise voice.
Always smooth person from beginning to end engrave: Did not represent future in the past. If Xiaofu is installed namely or hesitate to move forward, the good foundation that laid in the past can be dropped by nibble sooner or later. "Boat of travel of against the current, do not enter retreat " , sober ground faces competitive current situation, always hold a sober head, be always the mainest demand that smooth lamp acts the role of pair of its administrator.
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