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4 years sweat and toil asperses Guan city
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Liu Du is become, Guangdong Qing Yuanren, dongguan is suitable promote the lamp to act the role of general manager. Entered the lamp to act the role of an industry 2001, advocate battalion project and household use the light, year sale crosses ten million yuan.

Suitable promote lamp act the role ofing to be located in tube of the whole nation's famous Dongguan letter picture to act the role of a city inside, basically be engaged in the lamp acting the role of wholesale. Current, the banner falls to additionally Shi Long sends lamp act the role ofing and Dongguan to send the lamp to act the role of 2 branches together together. Dongguan is suitable promote the lamp to act the role of with " character stability, excellent service " have inside course of study of person of the same trade taller famous degree, management lamp acts the role of on the product 1000 kinds, the brand of main representative has grand gold king, beautiful gain, amount to beautiful, Aokete, bright can wait.

Once served as a common person that work, how is Liu Du Cheng to develop step by step rise?
By 2001, sister little brother is depending on Liu Du Chenghe to work for years experience, 40 thousand yuan of the scrape together in using a hand, a little room was rented in pace of Dongguan small house when storehouse. Poineering initial stage, they made the lamp act the role of wholesale, the product that manages at that time basically is the canister lamp of grand gold king to wait. Be engaged in the lamp acting the role of wholesale, must have a client network and deserve certainly to send ability. Below the circumstance with limited at that time fund, the work such as development client, deliver goods, gathering is complete by their brother two will finish. And vehicle, have a bicycle and a motorcycle only. Expand as the network ceaselessly, the constant change of market demand. Liu Du Cheng realizes the client that should become good market to be about to have stability, the product that should stable client must want to quality is stabilized serves as him advocate promote a brand. Then, liu Du is become ceaseless augment product line, obtained early or late " beautiful rich " , " amount to the United States " , " Aokete " wait for Dongguan total dealership. Of hardships pay won the get one's own back with good market. Be in a few years short in, the business of Liu Du Cheng obtained the development of advance rapidly, go to what 30 support of the people deserve more by force to send ability to there is 3 branches, stuff now from a little room previously deserve to send a center, the sweat of Liu Du Cheng did not waste.

Prospective competition is intense, brutal. Liu Du is become be certain, prospective competition is the competition of tall brand and service of high level quality. While he is adding high-grade product line ceaselessly, undertake reform to interior ceaselessly. Establish scientific administrative mechanism, fulfil system of post responsibility, have system government to departmental door. Serve a dominant position to increase, deserve to send a center to must be achieved " quick, accurate, seasonable " high level. To extend the market further, he created market department technically still, outward and many invite applications for a job is excellent personnel, make a preeminent business group.
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