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Of the brigade bumper harvest of Ou Silang China year
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Of the brigade bumper harvest of Ou Silang China year

Come from He Fang

Ou Silang is not card of home made product, she comes from Germany, it is the important member of Xi Menzi group, the whole world one of manufacturer of two big illume. Ou Silang depends on outstanding illuminant product world-famous. In the whole world 19 countries the Communist Party of China has 53 production base, the product is sold toward 140 many countries.

Chinese brigade: Ou Silang (China) lighting limited company

Introduce China for the will most advanced German illume science and technology, ou Silang was in Chinese Fosan city in April 1995 Nanhai area established a brand-new joint ventures - limited company of lighting of Ou Silang Fosan (on December 20, 2004 more the name is Ou Silang (China) ) of lighting limited company. Total investment is 49.7 million euro, among them German Europe Si Lang Inc. is main partner, hold the share of 90% . Of the company cover an area of an area for 105, 000 square metre, production reachs the establishment everything needed is ready such as storehouse.

Till at present Ou Silang Fosan already became Ou Silang,Asia-Pacific area is concerned compact model the actual strength center of fluorescent lamp, haloid lamp and lamp of high strenth gas discharge.

Quality guards a pass, character and artistic unity

Produce one of manufacturer as the famous illume on the world, how is letting us understand Ou Silang guarding a pass on quality

1, certificate of quality is crucial

Limited company of lighting of Ou Silang Fosan passes faculty (especially ISO14000 working party) hard, manage systematic attestation at passing ISO14001 environment smoothly in April 2002, the ISO14001-1996 environment that obtained You Laiyin technology to supervise service company to issue in July 2002 runs systematic attestation letter. For the product manufacturing quality guards a pass laid a foundation.

2, technical innovation is a point

Nearly hundred years come, ou Silang with its outstanding illuminant product is famed at the world. Depending on innovation technology and solution, ou Silang develops the new field of man-made illuminant ceaselessly, these new fields include the office, factory, family and road illume.
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