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Visit president of sale of division of SamSung big China to make Qi sacrificing
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-- seek sacrificing oneself for a just cause of Xu Qi of president of sale of division of SamSung electron big China

Potential of market of TV of Chinese liquid crystal is tremendous

Does ● SamSung electron have to market of Chinese number TV what kind of look into and corresponding strategy?

Answer: Market of Chinese number TV is occurrent tremendous change. Especially the growing speed of market of TV of Chinese high end is the world other any markets cannot be likened to. It is chance with 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, the digital broadcast times of predicting China will be started in the round, digital TV market of China also will compare any world markets to have tremendous latent capacity more.

SamSung electron values Chinese market very, "The success that the success in Chinese market is alive bound market " the consensus that is us. Accordingly, samSung electron always holds to " market of actor preexistence China rolls out world top class product, lead Chinese number TV the market, hold the lead position in the whole world thereby " belief.

Accordingly, samSung is accelerating the world's most advanced core research and development and manufacturing technology to change a course in Chinese mainland hard, build system of native land unifinication as soon as possible.

● this year, market of TV of Chinese liquid crystal grows very rapid, strategy of market of what kind of China did SamSung electron adopt?

Answer: What the market experienced TV of Chinese high end to cast plasma TV by the back is patulous, begin from 2005, of liquid crystal TV large change expand quickly what reached the element such as price fall to also cause market of liquid crystal TV.

Rose April this year, samSung and the Korea that all alone Buddhist nun cooperates product line of screen of the 7th acting liquid crystal is already official put into production.

Product line of screen of the 7th acting liquid crystal is current till the most advanced liquid crystal screen on the world makes a technology, there are extremely tall competition ability and quality on the big screen product of 32 inches of above especially. SamSung electron developed the world successfully to go up Feburary this year the largest size -- TV of 82 inches of liquid crystal. Current, product line of screen of the 8th acting liquid crystal also is in the plan, in industry with continueing to maintain SamSung highest competition ability is mixed the advantage of character.
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