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Glazed place has LED business chance
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- Zhong Jiecong of manager of marketing of whole world of ministry of career of product of photoelectricity of special interview Avago
Arrive all the time from mobile phone, car, traffic sign illume, as technical gradual progress, LED raises efficiency of brightness, glow to be reduced ceaselessly medicinal powder heat and power comsumption, but the price falls stage by stage however, make its application limits deeper wider, be in what face plate of small size LCD is expected to see LED to replace effect to ferment this year for example. Cultivated LED domain already had the Avago that predecessor is An Jielun semiconductor 30 years experience, have He Guan examine and view to the technology of LED and market? The article will be acting you one explore.

LED surrounds stealthily all around

LED (glow diode) surrounding stealthily our life! No matter be the advertisement of the traffic light of the alarm clock of the head of a bed, crossing, street,look board, the dashboard of car of the action phone on the hand, or, see the figure of LED not hard, add half since, CCFL (cold cathode fluorescent lamp is in charge of) be in short supply makes FPD (planar monitor) manufacturer explores replacement scheme, implicative also benefit LED, the made the main chance that has the one foot that use a fist in FPD market.

Lay open is different the analysis that studies an unit, although be mixed in total production value,grow to lead a part or have discrepancy, but almost caliber thinks consistently, LED market will maintain in the near future grow, glow shines several year. For example photoelectricity of Taiwan of legal person of Taiwan financial group assist into meeting (PIDA) the analysis shows, 2006 dimensions of market of LED whole world and photograph comparing will increase 10.9 % last year, also will grow two years continuously thereafter, was expected to reach 9.2 billion 92 million dollar 2008; Of IEK forecast also point out, 2006 LED production value will relatively grew last year 13 % , the long rate of one the year's harvest till 2008 also has 15 % ~ 16 % , amount to 9.13 billion dollar.

Foreign research organization always grinds like Japanese Fuji, forecast demand of LED whole world can amount to 1.1 billion this year, increased 140 million than 960 million of 2005; And ISupply also points out, although already grew quickly,global LED market came two years in the past, but prospective foreground still coke watchs look upon, predict when 2008, global market dimensions can achieve left and right sides of nearly 7 billion dollar.

Different application is corresponding and different LED product requirement

Justed in December 2005 more the An Hua high-tech that the name runs formally independently (Avago) , predecessor is An Jielun semiconductor (Agilent) career group, longer before science and technology of subject HP (HP) subordinate, dabble LED domain already had 30 old, can calls the LED product that is patriarch class the supplier.

Zhong Jiecong of manager of marketing of whole world of ministry of career of Avago photoelectricity product expresses, at present product line of this company LED is covered very wide, produce from the quantity model standard product is like the commonnest indicator light and SegmentedDisplay, arrive all the time SmartDisplay, ESS (Electronicsignsandsignals, look for example board with guide) , car application, mobile phone application waits everything needed is ready a moment. Among them the city of SmartDisplay is occupied rate before ranking the whole world 3 big, main application domain includes a net to connect product and Taiwan scarce but the United States is diagnosed commonly show (for example the police uses measure fast gun) , also can use in addition go up in aircraft equipment.
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