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Shao Chunlin and his LED career
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Master the brave of father bare Qi from wild justice of distinguished scholar plum, nitride, witnessed Japanese photoelectron to the industry grows and precede 20 years of the world, shao Chunlin becomes the coterie that photoelectron studies domain world is top-ranking. Do not pass to passing the Shao Chunlin of 6 a period of ten days word, going back to the motherland just perhaps is the beginning with real cause.

Shao Chunlin begins to assiduously study Master and doctor's degree in Japan from 1980, divide those who learn to go back to the motherland is brief 4 years, shao Chunlin has worked in Japan lived 20 one's remaining years, its children also is in Japan air plant, nevertheless Shao Chunlin and madam still are holding Chinese record. It is not clear that Shao Chunlin has been written down go back to the motherland how many times, the visit that welcomed how many home to attend day is round. Shao Chunlin says, never had stopped with the communication of domestic industry actually.

The choice that Shao Chunlin faces has two, one is to continue to stay in parts of an apparatus of rice of accept of university of industry of Japanese name ancient house and systematic research center to do research to take a doctor when the professor, this research center has the world's top-ranking photoelectron semiconductor to study fixture, research limits from extension piece grow, parts of an apparatus is enclosed to high-power, very extensive, still have the research funds of 150 million yen every year, stay to work OK and smooth and steadily to retire. Another choice is to go back to the motherland, guide group of a China to go back to the motherland.

To Shao Chunlin character, going back to the motherland is not an easy choice, home does not have the research organization that parts of an apparatus of rice of accept of university of industry of as can ancient as the name house and systematic research center comparative at present, the dimensions of the enterprise still also slants small, a lot of enterprises still lie start phase. But the opportunity that Shao Chunlin thinks he cannot abandon promoting domestic photoelectron semiconductor the industry, have this opportunity, just perhaps have the cause with Shao Chunlin the mainest lifetime.

Master the father from nitride

Shao Chunlin is recollected, in the name ancient house university read a graduate student 1980, the directive teacher at that time is professor of Mei Ye justice, and the directive v/arc drillmaster of its doctor's degree is Professor Chi Qiyong. Below the guidance that in Mei Ye justice teachs, jing Shilang of another anybody wine is in Shao Chunlin and Japanese photoelectron domain together an office, basically pursue the development of MOCVD equipment and research of photoelectron parts of an apparatus. The large positive acerbity element that becomes famous MOCVD equipment to supply a company later Shao Chunlin shares development 2 1 date, archetypal machine. At present this corporation supplies equipment of a MOCVD freely to the center, still offer the research funds that the amount does not poor every year, main purpose lets a center help the performance of equipment of test and verify namely.
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