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Go to China from Olympic Games champion the biggest LED operation business
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Of a hoar suit, match jeans of a small waist. Saturday afternoon, appear before the reporter before Olympic Games champion (catch woman of Barcelona Olympic Games gold of 100 meters of crawl) Zhuang Yong, spell able in do not miss athletic element. This a suit dresses up, the life contrail that apropos reflection gave her -- arrive from Olympic Games champion business sea female strong person.

The Zhuang Yong after retiring, cooperate with the friend, the road that walked up to be in business -- established tulip medium, be engaged in advertising. Although her company does not have Li Ning company that kind is notorious, but Zhuang Yong (tulip medium is presiding operation official) the group that follows her, run solidly through these a few years, had become China's biggest LED (full prize electron displays screen) operation business.
Before before long, spent 17 days merely, zhuang Yong's company issued a value to be as high as a few contracts of 100 million with autograph of boreal propagation intermediary, become current and exclusive one acquires the company that operation of LED of Beijing Olympic Games counterpoised 2008.

She says: "Can go to today this one pace, myself cannot think of. My this individual is very strange, every arrive the moment of truth, total meeting has a kind of force to drive me. Total meeting has a kind of force to drive me..

■ career

Again intense also not as good as Barcelona

In business sea, fantasticality, what its competition comparatives is intense. From swim to turn and be engaged in advertising, zhuang Yong is equal to the life that should write his afresh on a piece of white paper. "Know to swim before, other thing almost whats do not know. Advertising, I was really do not understand, can learn to rise slowly only. " Zhuang Yong says.

Nowadays, pretty picture had been painted on this piece of white paper.

Be in Shanghai, of Oriental business mansion of Xu Jiahui, Pudong the billboard position of the flourishing region such as big square, already became Zhuang Yong company " domain " , they achieved development right of administration of 10 years.

Be in Beijing, their company will be in best region, the tree rises 10 to 15 LED.

Zhuang Yong says proudly: "LED is the development direction of prospective advertising, our company was certain this market, early race to control the most significant position of city of a few keys. Now, say none exaggeratively, our company has these resource, the game regulation of this market can be made by us. The game regulation of this market can be made by us..

Nevertheless, LED can not be so amused, the investment of every LED is as high as left and right sides of 30 million yuan of RMBs, should very abundant economy actual strength becomes backup force.

Zhuang Yong says: "Someone says our company wanted resell to drop outside now, the case of our company is so actually good, sell how possibly now! With the company present circumstance, had had the actual strength that appear on the market. Had had the actual strength that appear on the market..
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