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The father stone that seeks Taiwan LED industry is repaired
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Just when everybody focuses high-tech central issue when semiconductor industry, another is worth to call the LED that do the industry, the whole world of Taiwan is ranked the 2nd, chase after closely after Japan. According to industry of photoelectricity science and technology assist the count that makes into meeting place points out, last year although comfortable meet stagnant, but LED production value does not decrease the whole world to be added instead, predict Taiwan LED market will last this year outspread, production value is as high as 139. O1 100 million yuan, predict to did not come 5 years, LED industry is complex the force that will keep 30 % into long rate. As to what maintain LED industry to grow because of, labour grinds Huang Derui of director of institute of courtyard photoelectricity gas is analysed, come nearly 5 years, as grain of tall brightness LED production matures, LED application gains ground increasingly, mobile phone ranginging from... to... , traffic sign, car is outdoors and lamp of the 3rd brake, large look board wait for systematic commodity, already provided LED application be closely bound up. Taiwan LED industry comes 30 this years from do not have have, accumulate the wisdom of forefathers and experience, enclose from traditional LED grain, face towards the grain of medium, upper reaches makes Jilei chip research and development, form whole LED industry structure, bring up a Taiwan to become the 2nd big LED to produce an area, if be talked with " result " , the establish of the LED industry of Taiwan issues successful scope of operations, nevertheless investigate the development course of its industry, 15 years ago, in the government not accessorial a single cent or penny, before labour grinds courtyard dean (currently hold the post ofa president that accumulate report) Zhang Zhongmou does not wish to prop up the corner of own technology issues LED, the LED industry of Taiwan also can face the destiny that die young for a time, "If LED course of study person the care eyes that can get a government, taiwan perhaps has an opportunity to surmount Japan, master a skill, make the whole world " of area of production of the biggest LED, this is every dip excessive the aspirations of proprietor of an enterprise in LED course of study.

Review phylogeny of global LED industry already 40 years, invented the compound semiconductor of LED by German scientist 1967, carry forward by Japan and Taiwan however in the future, among them the first ancestor of grain of Taiwan development LED, head push the electron of 10 thousand state that is located in new bamboo county. By currently hold the post ofthe electron of 10 thousand state that hands in big president Zhang Junyan to founded 1973, the department is enclosed with semiconductor pottery and porcelain, crystal of small signal report and LED grain are major servicing, because LED grain branch is in condition of be out of pocket all the time, company interior discusses for a time should shut LED goods and materials to also do not calculate little, cannot abandon LED easily really this looks be like have business chance, but however future not bright product, accordingly 1978, from into big collect associate professor stone is repaired, hold the position of adviser of electron of 10 thousand state, participate in the Shi Xiu of LED business first, want to be less than oneself to turn from bound teaching duty an industrial group, change phylogeny of Taiwan LED industry unexpectedly!
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