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Square 2006 big (000055) : Does sanded ば lead the other party? -----Visit Xiong
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Same an assembly room, the author sits once more square on Xiong Jianming of big group president. 9 years ago, as outstanding at that time civilian battalion appears on the market the Xiong Jianming of president of square big group that the company represents accepted the author interview, he of technologist one's previous experience, rigorous, modest and, left deep impression to the author. The just is industry of wall of domestic building act greatly bibcock enterprise at the beginning of appearing on the market, quite a paragraph of period is held in both hands the investor outside churchyard by heat.

Experienced the great change of building materials market and ablution, the company structure and the adjustment that manage a framework, property that crosses a trade is adjusted and adjust period inside prop up hard bear etc, the Xiong Jianming before is more calm and easy. "Position of present square big industry already was finished, 3 advocate course of study was straightened, administrative framework was optimized, the hardest new industry is bred period also overshot, began 2006, investor can see afresh just grow greatly and gain. "Without brave words, xiong Jianming is serious and gratified the ground expresses to the author.

Industrial position ends to enter harvest gradually

Square big group present industrial position is the industry of new-style building materials that is a delegate with building product of act wall, plank, the industry of Electromechanical unifinication engineering that is a delegate with subway shield door, with semiconductor glow chip is the system of 3 big industries such as semiconductor illume of the representing. Industry of new-style building materials still holds company profit proportion at present 5 into the left and right sides, already had development of building materials production of more than 10 years, technology and good brand image. "However, market of traditional building materials in recent years the environment worsens ceaselessly, raw material skyrocket, add the industry self-discipline with enough lack, bring about trade credit is low, problem of the bequeath that return a money is constant " . Xiong Jianming witnesses such market, nearly two years progressively proportion of wall of will traditional act, aluminium board is the energy-saving act wall to own development, photoelectricity act wall, energy-saving the green such as plank of profile, environmental protection is energy-saving transition of environmental protection industry, already obtained abecedarian economic benefits and favorable social beneficial result in succession. The ventilated type that the company takes the lead in be being rolled out to the market is energy-saving wall of environmental protection act, be known as the act wall that can breathe, apply successfully at institute of Beijing state treasurer advocate university of building and Tsinghua exceeds feebleminded cost demonstrative floor, more energy-saving than wall of act of common and hollow glass above of 50   % , accumulating promotion in domestic bedding face at present. The market pursues the most pleasant stage, "The efficient and energy-saving policy that this accords with a country already and can expand strategic demand continuously, accord with construction again resource is managing model social requirement, to breeding, of the development that drives an industry and own brand build all rose to set an example action " .
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