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Yang Yingfang: Illume attentively bright night scene
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As senior engineer, this kind of landscape outdoor designed project of LED night scene to had attracted her deeply. Illume when night scene lamp of Xiamen night sky that momently, she feels, everything oneself pays is worthiness -- Yang Yingfang: Border of  of Ban of cellar of sunken  of miserable cluck of  of approach of Lin of male of narrow one's eyes protects  of over sixty years of age of  admire fie to taste heart of You of  of octogenarian of three-bristle cudrania of accept of magpie of  alarm twin to brag shelfing  of admire of dark neon of admire crash Jue  of Hou of human relations Pai shows cut off from of cherry of post Chou  the king crab that punish  is used

Regard agency of office of night scene of the area in the lake as the person, yang Yingfang is in charge of the executive job of night scene project with the identity of owner, arrive greatly harmonious, small to construction, she must fulfil All matters one by one. Guard a pass by her only signed greatly small contract, amount is as high as a yuan, of workload can be imagined greatly. And, not only the project measures numerous and jumbled, time limit for a project is unusually nervous also -- first phase project only 3 short the month is about to finish. First phase project shines smoothly after the lamp, yang Yingfang is thrown again 2 period the insecurity of the project is prepared in. Of the reporter cover a process by incoming telegrams, call in interrupt, and Yang Yingfang is in perfect order from beginning to end the ground is arranging every job, insecurity is not bustling however. Never know LED to arrive become expert of night scene project last year September, the Yang Yingfang that holds the post of a vice director in place of project of the afforest in the lake is transferred to do the work to area night scene, before attend a meeting for the first time, she still does not know what is LED. Be graduated from gardens of Beijing forestry university to design professional Yang Yingfang, just 30 already was senior engineer odd. She what grow at Jiangsu, be edified by Suzhou gardens culture, have the endowment that landscape designs and clever energy of life. In Yang Yingfang eye, a kind when night scene is designed even if the landscape outdoor designs, and landscape designs this industry to resemble a big magnetic field attracting her deeply all the time euqally. However, from the point of whole project, the job that need fulfils is multifarious, trifling, drag in is very much branch and unit, be not do only do a design so pure. Arrive from the construction that decide a dot finishing bright light, among only 3 months time. Designed invite public bidding in September, in November construction invite public bidding, bright on January 24 light -- time limit for a project is very nervous, add first time to do night scene project, the Yang Yingfang that never has contacted LED feels enormous psychological pressure.

Every job is gotten specific fulfil, from every character material draft every project examine and approve, from the guards a pass to be encountered in construction real problem of design, invite public bidding, be in charge of coordinating by Yang Yingfang. From do night scene project that daystart, yang Yingfang was done not have on the weekend. Till the New Year's Eve, still construction unit calls to her. On professional technology, yang Yingfang agrees to study study of be apt to, previously although she is right LED utterly ignorant, but the expert that she had become night scene project nowadays. Night scene project should shine beautification to change and use functional photograph to be united in wedlock, according to particular structure viatic property undertakes designing, of Yang Yingfang " one's own profession " gardens design and night scene design are interlinked. Etc 2 period the project finishs, in electric engineer cooperate to fall, yang Yingfang is completely OK the job of stylist of project of;equal;fitter;fittest;qualified;equal to night scene. Her cerebral sea mile has an idea only:  of explore of こ of Quan of the 犜 that love Pi denounces banter of school  take along sth to sb to go straight towards ね of ┕ of Long of Jiao of ┗ of  of wash Di caries emperor of ノ of さ of ┕ of  of an ancient drinking vessel plants Ran Xianhuai of an insect destructive of the roots of seedlings of the obstruct austral closely question common of bud of dust  Tuo Ai protects spoon of form Bi bottle occasionally ∮ instrument male. Liu of food container of Min of ⒔ of  Lv street calls out D of Suan of Xi Xin serve to cut ┨ Yu  to brag evade of the Kingdom of Wei returns case of bursa joyous bank Nuo of っ of Zhao of Ju of Xing Huan of Yi of  of ヂ ザ ィ  oh て of Quan of take along sth to sb of thin S of cough of と of He ┕ of locust of Ji Zhuang to bang
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