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Taiwan semiconductor industry expert: The mainland is information of science and
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Taipei message: The semiconductor inside the island course of study person think, the mainland will be global semiconductor the strategic market with the mainest line of business, the future of course of study is in Taiwan semiconductor the mainland.

The development that Taiwan semiconductor already crosses 30 years, achievement is fixed eyes upon. The foreground that did not come 30 years how, the course of study inside the island person think generally, the mainland is production town of military importance of product of global science and technology, and inside need very giant, consequently the mainland is regarded as global semiconductor course of study " the most nourishing nourishment " .
Taiwan " Chinese times " point out, prospective mainland is the base of product of information of science and technology with the mainest whole world, set a factory to supply in mainland nearby accordingly, ground of follow a rational line to do some work well becomes practice of sex of strategy of big plant of conductor of world half and half.

The report points out, taiwan authorities before again and again with " move outside afraid competition ability " course of study invests obstruct semiconductor the mainland. By " bind in Taiwan " Taiwan semiconductor industry asks Taiwan authorities opens policy strongly, invest mainland untie a person for the industry.

Huang Chongren of president of semiconductor of brilliant of director of association of Taiwan semiconductor industry, force expresses, what Li Jing values is the mainland is giant inside need the market. The industry sets a plant to the mainland, it is the one annulus of global layout.

The stage accumulates electric president Zhang Zhongmou to discuss the appeal on the meeting in an industry, the semiconductor industry of Taiwan should enlarge dimensions economy, ability reachs the level of world-class, prospective two sides should strengthen cooperation, break through the limit of growth.

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