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Crepuscular electron receives gigantic sheet in, enlighten with LED " Qian Cheng
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Go up at the beginning of colorfully decorated lantern, zhang Yanwei is walked out of build in Shandong Wei lane the office building of development of estate of new and high technology, admire a face to look at every bits of bit lights in garden area, laugh mysteriously.

Have the deep idea that the employee inside his company understands to this laughs only probably. This day, as in crepuscular electron (Wei lane) the Zhang Yanwei of senior vice president just mixes limited company Wei lane is new and high office of poineering garden construction signed a contract. According to this contract, diode of glow of tall brightness of high-power of 144 solar energy (LED) street lamp will enlighten whole garden area.

Actually, before half an year, in small " the sea returns " LED of high-power of already successful breach uses group of research and development at difficult problem of road illuminative international, development gives the whole world system of lighting of street lamp of first 100 made of baked clay LED. But patent grasps core technology in the hand they were not eager to be being popularized energetically, checking ceaselessly all the time, also awaiting the amaze the people with a single brilliant feat, opportunity that scores the market in a large-scale.

"My present identity is a businessman, to the businessman, the opportunity is very significant, this half an year we put it in control to covering all the time, now is moment is pushed in the round, final successful ability is correct. " Zhang Yanwei says. Although scholar of visit of university of doctor of department of engineering of electron of college of industry of Xin Zexi grain of this United States, Princeton still is maintaining thick scroll gas, as always Confucianism elegant demeanour, but had entered new market role apparently.

Be in in in small plan, they think a highway both sides that China builds each times is perpendicular on electrode of this kind of bad news little, light is downy, smooth a magical street lamp that distributings equably.

Enlighten " Qian Cheng "

Small glow diode (LED) in be small illumed " Qian Cheng " .

This listens go up very professional name is seen in the everywhere in our life actually, electric equipment indicator light, mobile phone carries the traffic light on illuminant, driveway on the back. 10 years ago, the smooth illume property that uses glow diode Yu Zhaoming begins arisen, be perplexed by difficult problem of two old techniques all the time however: It is photoelectricity changeover efficiency is too low, the brightness that connects bulb of common tungsten filament short of, much can serve as toy and nightly excuse me only; 2 it is power when reaching certain amount, medicinal powder hot issue is solved hard, bulb of diode of the glow on the international before this most high-power is 70 tile only.

Technology of own intellectual property, core is high-tech enterprise a when open the market " dagger " . This year just " one year old half " in small be in all the time " grind a knife " .
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