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Route of LED illume development is in He Fang
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Professor of Qing Dynasty of great of desolate of university of Taiwan science and technology points out: Be opposite at present the assessment of LED mostly too hopeful or endorse with policy, declare LED will replace all illuminant, these inference have the suspicion that disobeys market competition, the correct development may not to prospective LED industry is advantageous.

On April 10, the design of "LED semiconductor illume that holds in Xiamen and seminar of applied forum " leave in full swing.

The speech that the desolate great Puritanism that comes from university of Taiwan science and technology gives, make a the largest window of seminar. Desolate professor sets out from the character of LED, analysed the development trend of prospective LED deeply, the assessment that points out the person that concern scholar, research and development at present mostly too hopeful or endorse with policy, declare LED will replace all illuminant, these inference have the suspicion that disobeys market competition mostly, correct to prospective LED industry development may not is advantageous, often be misdirect everybody wastes funds on chancy research and development.

Desolate professor puts forward to accord with consumer with " practical the development that will hold prospective LED new product with the concept that creates " of commodity of comfortable life luminous environment, think deeply of the person that cause learning, research and development.

The reporter is after forum end, interviewed Xiao Jiao to award with respect to LED market research and development and business chance.

Xiao Jiao awards pair of reporters to tell, the development of Taiwan LED product has a lot of experience to be worth the mainland to draw lessons from. Because the market of Taiwan is small, it is business with a small capital mostly, investor chooses the market to have regional, these investment and research and development person cosmopolitan make fixed position to the market with rational eye, will decide oneself market is developed, develop LED adequately brightness spend application. Because the research and development of the mainland and manufacturer exist on research and development blindness, lack rational analysis to the market, the project that caused investment to develop LED is very much, but have economic benefits truly the project is very few however. Still having a very big problem in addition is learning person be will develop LED from macroscopical angle, this kind of idea and the subsistent move that LED uses Yu Zhaoming are contradictory, learning person of the idea of one's own wishful thinking and LED use existence drop actually.

Speak of the business chance that LED brings to the mainland, desolate professor points out, LED has energy-saving, Gao Hui to spend, speed the character of illuminate of fast, stone's throw, at present the illume of LED applies still wait with illume of nightly advertisement, traffic sign, car be in the majority. Inchoate LED is used at projectile lamp a lot of, although have its advantage,the building of large area casts light, but some area are not to suit to cast light very much, can cause smooth pollution to the environment all round in that way, what what after LED replaces projectile tube, bring is huge market. LED applies the characteristic that has energy-saving, tall brightness and much denaturation to commercial advertisement, suit commercial advertising demand, with its distinctive much denaturation draws the attention of people. Efficiency of glow of Bai Guang LED already promotion of year after year, and have the colour rendering with the much better LED such as more traditional glow, Huang Guang, green light, OK and applicable colorific surroundings is abounded in need, because this is valued,future will take market of illume of room inside and outside.
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