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Guangzhou international LED showed 8 years in November reach exhibition of urban
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LED of 2008 Guangzhou international shows reach exhibition of urban landscape illume

-----Make international LED purchase commerce platform

Date: In November 2008 20-22 day

Place: Guangzhou bright and beautiful Chinese exhibition center (Guangzhou shedding spends a way 119)
Sponsor an unit:
·Guangzhou city advertisement learns

·Contemporary international of Shanghai of world rich group shows limited company

·Han Nuowei exhibition (China) limited company

·Exhibit China international shows limited company

Assist do an unit to reach abroad assist run an unit:

·Exhibition of Shanghai case thunder serves limited company


·Office of Japan of exhibition of Chinese Shanghai international
China becomes base of global LED property:

Showing transportation of illume of landscape of screen, city, road and Baiguang illume to wait for the wide application of the domain as LED, to 2011 world LED market will reach 10.6 billion dollar, volume of LED product shipment is 8.8 billion about. Give aid to in Chinese nation industry, the Taiwan businessman is joined reach international tycoon tripartite to advance below, real estate of industrial radical of this 5 big LED can have Chinese Shanghai, Dalian, Nanchang, Xiamen, Shenzhen to promote in the round, after China already became afterwards Japan, Taiwan, Korea base of property of another international LED.

The welcome attends LED of 2008 Guangzhou international to show reach exhibition of urban landscape illume:
LED of 2007 Guangzhou international shows reach urban landscape illume to exhibit reach advertisement of 2007 Guangzhou international to exhibit Yu Jinqiu to was in Guangzhou in November bright and beautiful Chinese exhibition center falls successfully next heavy curtain! The 25206 professional audiences, abroad major of 15% buys the home, ginseng to exhibit the enthusiastic echo with unprecedented a note of the ancient Chinese five-tone scale, can delimit to exhibit went up satisfactory full stop. As 2008 of Beijing Olympic Games hold, Shanghai world rich was met 2010 and Guangzhou Asia Game comes, china each are big the city intensifies having a city municipal project, cheng of transportation of each place, road, municipal light chemical industry is built and transform in intense in undertaking, the application that is LED and promotion were offerred once in a blue moon good luck. And China regards industry of an internationalization LED as base, had attracted a whole world to purchase the look of business, accordingly this second " LED is exhibited " the central point that makes certainly will global attention. By right of " internationalization, brand is changed, specialization " do extend a concept, current exhibit meeting general to attract many 100 domestic and international famous enterprise ginseng is exhibited, exhibit an area to amount to 10, 000 square metre.
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