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The LED power source with the most efficient whole world
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On July 7, 2008, electron of Ying Fei spy (Hangzhou) limited company was released brand-new EWV series is efficient AC-DC power source, main goal application is LED illume domain. These power source have the efficiency that is as high as 95% , standard of efficiency of power source of will efficient illuminative promotes a new height. The aluminous simple case of power source passes elaborate design, have come loose goodly hot effect. In the meantime, in waterproof properties respect, our product satisfies IP67 standard completely, apply to condition of dry or damp indoor, outer shroud extensively.

New EWV series uses 90V~264V wide range to input voltage, limits of output volts d.c. is 12V~54V, can offer the stability that exceeds 150W to output power. All products of EWV series all have perfect key to protect character, shed protection, short circuit protection too for example, press protection, too lukewarm protection to wait too. In the meantime, these products accord with strong illume completely to protect standard of the UL1310-2 that needs follow and EN60950 safety. Power source encloses aluminium to pledge the size of crust is millimeter of *42 of millimeter of 187 millimeter *66.5.

Ying Fei's special author holds president Dr. Hua Guichao concurrently to say: "The power consumption of these new power supply is the half of product of numerous and congener competition only. Its use a field, be like LED lighting equipment, stem from extensive energy-saving appeal to beg, use efficient power source is again appropriate did not pass. Additional, because our power source power comsumption is very low, power source yuan temperature of parts of an apparatus also is reduced accordingly, make the dependability of the product promotes substantially thereby, the telephone call that this also means a client to seek a service can decrease greatly " .

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