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Illume of semiconductor of the 5th China International exhibits a part to exhibi
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Consult the directory that postpone business "
Name of Chinese of serial number unit extends a date
212-217 of photoelectricity technology limited company is in 1 Hangzhou
2 Le Baili is special 013-016 of limited company of science and technology
Electron of 3 brilliant division (Guangzhou) limited company 275-278
380-382 of limited company of electron of starlight of smelt metal of state of 4 Shenzhen city
South 5 Jiangsu 271-274 of Inc. of big photoelectricity material
6 prop up Mao Wei electron (Shenzhen) limited company 348
345-346 of limited company of energy of electricity of wind of the heart in 7 Dongguan
168-169 of limited company of equipment of photoelectricity of elegant river of 8 Guangzhou city
Limited company of science and technology of material of electron of division of sign of 9 Dongguan city 341
10 in Hai Yang (Beijing) 017-020 of limited company of energy science and technology
12 love think of strong Inc. 174-175
13 Kang Ning organic silicon commerce (Shanghai) limited company 267-270
172-173 of Inc. of photoelectricity of star of state of 14 Fosan city
15 Shenzhen city your establish 042-047 of industrial limited company more
261-266 of limited company of electron of Er of shellfish of state of 16 Shenzhen city
17 peace wave rises 362-363 of limited company of chart photoelectricity semiconductor
Limited company of science and technology of bridge of 18 Chongqing state 344
353-356 of limited company of photoelectron of quanta of 19 Shenzhen city
Illume of source of 20 new lights (Zhongshan) limited company 359
21 Shenzhen city Sipakeguang limited company of electric science and technology 343
22 Xi'an establish bright electron science and technology finite liability company 395
170-171 of limited company of information of photoelectricity of 23 Hangzhou distance
24 Wuhan enlighten 001-004 of limited company of source photoelectricity science and technology
25 Dongguan are diligent 029-032 of glazing report Inc.
Division of 26 Beijing day joins limited company of Da Laguang semiconductor 251
243-248 of Inc. of illume of the report in 27 Shenzhen city
224-229 of Inc. of photoelectricity of 28 clear core
29 dust company of China of group of analysis of the thread of ideas in writing 320
009-012 of limited company of photoelectron of benefit of 30 Guangzhou grand
31 Shenzhen love Bisitong semiconductor data limited company 297
257-258 of limited company of photoelectron of 32 Shenzhen emperor
Inc. of photoelectricity of 33 Xin cereal 323
34 Shenzhen 291-296 of limited company of technology of cable of division of square big country
35 Jiangsu limited company of abstruse thunder photoelectricity 298
Heart of couplet of 36 Shenzhen city joins microelectronics limited company 308
Limited company of 37 science and technology of electron of Jia Shanhua river 034
Limited company of equipment of semiconductor of report of silicon of 38 Shenzhen city 036
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