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High-power brightness of Ou Silang and glow efficiency innovate again tall
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Ou Silang (Osram) announce today, engineer of their research and development gained revolutionary headway on white shade LED, brightness and glow efficiency in pairs were created new tall.

According to saying to be in the working electric current of 350mA falls, peak value brightness achieved 155lm, glow efficiency is 136lm/W. To achieve this result, researcher used a kind new-style component of glow of LED of 1 square millimeter. Of prototype of this kind of LED colour temperature for 5000K, lubricious coordinate is 0.349/0.393(cx/cy) .

Additional, ou Silang states this kind of LED still can work to fall at 1.4A electric current, brightness can achieve 500lm, potential application includes situation of illume of light of measuring projector, car and other need tall brightness, rely on sheet only at the appointed time the need that LED can satisfy people. Next, ou Silang prepares to lead this technology quickly the market from the lab.

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