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The LED in Olympic Games place shows screen application
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The concept such as Olympic Games of green Olympic Games, science and technology, humanitarian Olympic Games, the application that adopts numerous and particular product form and new technology be able to ideal explanation. Show a product as the LED that Beijing Olympic Games applied extensively 2008, more the ray twinkles, added gorgeous extraordinary splendour for 2008 Beijing Olympic Games.

National gymnasium LED displays screen

Match place LED is indispensable

In nearly a few Olympic Games, LED shows screen is the main establishment with indispensable place of Olympic Games match. The stadium house measure that Beijing Olympic Games was built 2008 and rebuilds is numerous, scale is unprecedented, olympic Games place all used a large number of LED to show screen broadcasts the equipment that shows with plan cent as match what is actually happening, indication screen product wait with complete color, high resolution, digitlization give priority to. Can say, the LED that Beijing Olympic Games used 2008 showed a product to achieve a new milestone to technical level and applied respect from the amount, this among them, production company of indication product of numerous home LED assumed important role.

National stadium (bird's nest) with national natant center (water is cubic) was 2008 Beijing Olympic Games builds two dazzling nova in place. The LED complete color of these two place displays screen by Shenzhen company of 3 elevatory science and technology and Japan loosen next companies cooperate bear build, the company below the pine offers LED to indicate screen screen put oneself in another's position as Olympic Games sponsor, responsible installation of 3 litres of companies, debug, groom and the full-scale technology servive routine such as after service.

Inc. of general of Nanjing the name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces is the old brand company that LED shows to the product is made, assumed the LED of 8 place showed Beijing Olympic Games 2008 the construction of screen system or transform, include Tianjin stadium, country gymnasium of house of Yo of cardinal principle of division of bicycle shop, north, undergraduate, capital gymnasium transforms natatorium of stadium of abstruse body center, Yingdong, Laoshan, worker stadium is transformed etc.

Divide into equal parts of limited company of three Cisco ability development, Beijing Li Yade company is fastened bear built gymnasium of college of Beijing grain industry, Shenyang island of abstruse body center, Qin Huang the LED of the place such as abstruse body center.

Scenery of traffic information LED is bright beautiful

Beijing embraces the traffic that block up increasingly badly to be regarded as the problem of serious challenge sex that Beijing Olympic Games ran place successfully to be faced with 2008. Traffic news service ensures important segment of the system as Olympic Games traffic, through LED indication product offers dynamic traffic information to serve for the public, become a capital to shine together beautiful scenery line.
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