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The LED new standard of focusing Taiwan and mainland
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Area of our country Taiwan " bureau of economic ministry industry " express, taiwan LED industry from 1986 by develop toward medium, upper reaches downstream, build whole production to produce chain, area of Taiwan of the our country since 2000 already reached crop whole world the first, second of production value whole world is proud person achievement, global LED production value was 6.678 billion dollar 2007 (money of amount to new station makes an appointment with 213.8 billion yuan of) , among them, production value of LED of area of our country Taiwan amounts to new station money fifty-three billion eight hundred and ninety-one million yuan, take the whole world about 25.2% , beforehand appraise 2010 Taiwan LED production value will can amount to new station money eighty-eight billion six hundred and sixteen million yuan.

"Industrial bureau " to build compose whole competition ability of industry of Bai Guang LED and quicken LED illume industrialization, began to drive by a definite date 4 years in July 2007 " development of estate of illume of Bai Guang LED coachs plan " , grind by labour the courtyard is carried out, give priority to an axis in order to develop component of white smooth LED and illume application property, with product requirement and technical capability, assist a manufacturer to build research and development what relevant applying is decisive 0 component and core technology, promote the technology of industry of relevant LED illume autonomy and product competition ability.

"Industrial bureau " point out, urging industrial development and industrial alliance side, spend this year with " the applied opportunity that LED illuminant cuts general illume industry and energy-saving " for the theme, the newest and dynamic news that has LED industry, market and technical development communicates, also hold at the same time " LED indoor illume urges an informal discussion " with " seminar of lighting engineering of high power LED " , the collaboration between stimulative manufacturer communicates, let industrial group can master accurate information, promote industrial technology standard.

In addition, reach in the light of smooth treasure, Guang Lei, 100 million light today 34 companies such as stage electron are accused to violate LED patent, by American commerce board of inquiry (ITC) puts forward 337 investigation one case, the person that this plan also helps Taiwan industry establishs project group, entrust professional law office to undertake tort lawsuit and reconcile conditional agreement, the firm that accepts charge undertakes sequel reconciles in succession processing.

In industrial standard and respect of system of check test testimony, "Industrial bureau " express what already finished curve of luminous intensity distribution to measure a system to build place, technology of testimony of test of check of major of the person that offer job of illume of Bai Guang LED serves, the character of light of illume of Bai Guang LED that at present accumulative total already finished Chong Yue, farsighted Cheng and strange force to wait for 3 detects service, predict Yu Ming (2009) year add safety of ray radiation of illuminative of diode of the glow that build place newly to test a system.
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