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Our country parts of an apparatus is enclosed reach ability of form a complete s
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The characteristic that domestic LED encloses an enterprise is dimensions small, amount is much, about 500 ~ 600, have certain dimensions, year sale makes an appointment with 100 in the enterprise of 10 million yuan of above, basically enclose an enterprise to benefit of grand of certain benefit of star of country of Xiamen China couplet, Fosan, Jiangsu, Guangzhou, Ning Bo rises couplet of chart, Jiangxi to achieve, thunder of abundant of luck of cereal of Xin of Tianjin day star, Langfang, Shenzhen, Shenzhen graceful, abundant of force of Shenzhen photons, Zhuhai. The parts of an apparatus that the whole nation enclosed 2007 amounts to 46 billion, add foreign capital company, domestic LED encloses ability to exceed 60 billion / year. The breed of parts of an apparatus that can enclose is all ready, include video of single pipe, multiple tube, canal resembling element, number, LED of all sorts of back illuminant, SMD-LED, miniature, matrix display implement, LED of special monitor, Bai Guang, power LED and high-power LED module, have actual strength enclose an enterprise to throw power of greater research and development, improving enclose a structure, rise medicinal powder hot property, improve efficiency giving light, rise fight light to decline to wait for a respect to all obtain very good positive result with dependability, now but batch encloses 1WLED, its glow efficiency amounts to 100lm/W, thermal resistance is controallable in 10 ℃ / W less than. 13 development have report in the high-power LED of own property right encloses a product, additional, still develop the perpendicular structure that has own property right to enclose new product without LED of solder line power, enclose an industry to make contribution for power LED.

The ability of form a complete set that domestic LED encloses material and fittings is very strong, outside removing individual material, majority material all is offerred for home, basically have aluminium of gold-rimmed, silicon silk, epoxy resin, silica gel, silver-colored glue, electric glue, bracket, belt, plastic, enclose mould and labour clamping apparatus to wait, already formed certain dimensions, the proprietor of an enterprise should be in Pearl River delta and peaceful wave area. Additional, to enclosing the fluorescent material that Bai Guang LED uses, home also has ten to domestic company is studying and be produced, already used Yu Baiguang LED to enclose in great quantities, lu Mingze developed Dalian to have the silicate fluorescent material of own property right. Additional, our country still developed the La Guang that has own intellectual property to stimulate the nitride fluorescent material of aglow He Luguang, but by 3 base color comprises Bai Guang LED, its effect is very good.

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