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Be in by 44 thousand LED the illusion that depict and becomes 5 annulus
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Extraordinary smooth shadow effect laid a foundation for the success of current opening ceremony, be used by what wide application gets utmost here at the LED of the show, achieve all previous most. And the science and technology such as harbour storage battery tackles key problem technology, solved the energy difficult problem of LED.

Rise aerial " dream 5 annulus " , be depicted on one magnify net by 44 thousand LED and become. The show that attends even actor body is taken also compose became full a LED, as the change of actor lineup, world of advent of sky letting a bit, " bird's nest " illusive return...

Chinese " begin of gong and drum " the tradition was not abandoned by opening ceremony group, but choose in specific musical instrument and make, or beyond everybody expect. The percussion instrument of Chinese ancient time " v/LIT an amphora-like jar " made final choice. Before Zhang Yi seeks opening ceremonies of pair of this Olympic Games, fall finally time undertook elaborate conception. On August 8, 2008 in the evening 8 when forthcoming when, v/LIT an amphora-like jar blast the rhythm with light-wave, in the rhythm sound of rolling mine, by the face of v/LIT an amphora-like jar of glow successive lighten 60, 50, 40, 30, 20, 10 model of written characters. Finally 10 seconds, v/LIT an amphora-like jar blast stroke rhythm, add face of v/LIT an amphora-like jar to go up of successive lighten tremendous 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 model of written characters, the passionate loud cry that cooperating full-court audience will time lift to highest tide, also finished history on most of cruel time.

It is reported, on Olympic Games opening ceremony, "Bird's nest " all rejection uses floodlight of in-house more than 600 match, zhang Yi is sought those who choose is the illumination luminaries that takes oneself. Science and technology enters digital period, lighting effects also transfers amount to piles up the lamp. This kind of burgeoning lighting effects makes a dimensions of theatrics of Olympic Games opening ceremony and fancy developed acme.

What use on Beijing Olympic Games is a kind of digital light: PG lamp, chinese means is large measuring projector, began ability to just be used in Chinese investment last year, this is the umbriferous equipment of a kind of high-power, apply optical and umbriferous principle, use the light source of tall brightness, the content that gets on negative projects with the form of full prize on the ground, be in nightly the picture effect that can form wallop of extremely rich visual sense.

In opening ceremony performance, in the center of field the large reel of perforative from beginning to end performance, and show in succession on reel those who go out arrive by ancient time contemporary gradual progress animation, it is a course after early days is made, project by lamp of this kind of PG to field in the center of. The of primitive simplicity with Chinese black and white and comparative wash, what imported oil draws on the west is flowery, arrive again impressionistic rich color, rely on technology of this kind of high-tech to appear.
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