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The development of LED is indispensable of the government help strength
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Although rate of development of estate of our country LED is rapidder, but technical level and international are banner horizontal difference is bigger still, basically be the core technology that lack has own intellectual property, its product with medium, cheap give priority to, industrialization dimensions slants small, lack competitive capacity. High-powered LED and power LED product all should count an import, for this, to how developing LED property quickly, put forward as follows to suggested at 3 o'clock:

The first, the government should increase supportive strength, enhance adjusting control ability. On one hand, answer to support construction of platform of research and development of illume of national level semiconductor mainly, undertake to dispersive reduplicative research organization conformity is adjusted, real support has the research and development of technology of core of own intellectual property and innovation project to work; On the other hand, should use the method of governmental guiding and macroscopical adjusting control, slant to dimensions of the working procedure before LED Xiaohe is conditional hind working procedure encloses an enterprise to want to guide investment, key to give aid to, undertake integrated, joint-stock, amalgamative, center resource to enlarge industrialization dimensions, make the enterprise has certain competitive capacity in the world. To this, can draw lessons from the experience of Korea and area of our country Taiwan.

The 2nd, should strengthen LED technology basic research, development. The field is created in LED extension, chip, answering to raise glow again inside quanta efficiency and outside quanta efficiency, raise product function, stability, consistency and dependability, raise the n of the product, want to have the core technology of innovation achievement and own intellectual property. In enclose a domain, should strengthen Bai Guang LED and power LED to enclose technical research and development, basically be to raise efficiency giving light, uniformity giving light, consistency, improve enclose a structure, raise underlay to come loose hot property, reduce thermal resistance, rise fight light to decline ability and dependability. In domain of form a complete set, should reinforce LED main raw material, form a complete set the basic research of the crucial equipment with production LED, development, advocate if point to circuit of underlay, organic source, epoxy resin, silica gel, fluorescent material, drive and MOCVD (form sediment of gas phase of organic matter chemistry accumulates the metal) equipment is waited a moment. In addition, the test of the light that still should strengthen LED, report, color, heat and illume parameter studies, begin research to the dependability of LED illuminant; In the meantime, the research and development that also should take LED application product seriously works, want to have innovation consciousness, development gives the new product of market demand.

The 3rd, should enlarge LED application market. The applied range of LED product is very wide, develop in promotion application and market on, want to seize 3 following fields mainly at present: It is to strengthen medium dimension and the research and development that large size LED carries illuminant on the back to work, this market potential is tremendous, mature stage by stage on the technology, want to seize an opportunity, enter the market as soon as possible; 2 it is to increase those who be used on the car all sorts of LED lamps and indication research and development work, its technology is mature already, market potential is very great, want to enter the market as soon as possible; 3 it is to strengthen application of development semiconductor illuminative, develop special lighting and special type illume especially, the technology of this lighting range of products already matured stage by stage, develop applied the main chance just about, market potential is very great also, want to enter the market as soon as possible.
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