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Technical metric system gains headway surely
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Home was making field of level of semiconductor lighting engineering also obtain greater progress in last few years. The basic standard that the Organization for Standardization of committee of technology of standard of electric equipment of lighting of working group of level of lighting engineering of former MII semiconductor, whole nation and relevant ministries and commissions has been made and establishing semiconductor lighting engineering, method standard and product standard make an appointment with 50. Harmonious group is in research and development of project of national semiconductor illume and the standard with allied industry to harmonious metric system is decided and collect lighting engineering of the semiconductor outside the condition the respect such as the standard is fruitful. Our country relevant association attends international relative standard actively still to change an organization, those who participate in specialized standard make, change constituent contact communication with international relative standard, still begin collaboration with Taiwan area person of the same trade. Should believe, as the ceaseless development of LED technology, applied product matures ceaselessly, relative standard will come on stage ceaselessly.

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