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Chinese LED industry 337 cases reconcile wind up should appeal to
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The United States that is aimed at Chinese LED industry " 337 investigation " reconcile eventually wind up. Yesterday, " daily of the first finance and economics " from photoelectron of Guangzhou grand benefit He Zhoulei two LED company learns, two companies already were signed with American respect before a month reconcile agreement, but because relevant formalities is dealt with completely,end, the likelihood returns need to arrive by September.

Li Guoping of president of photoelectron of Guangzhou grand benefit expresses, grand benefit photoelectron has obtained two patent authorization of American respect. Although home has grand benefit photoelectron only,with continent Lei two companies should appeal to " 337 investigation " , lei of photoelectron of Dan Zaihong benefit, Shenzhen continent and American respect are reached after reconciling, of Chinese LED industry eliminate your alarm generally to also remove subsequently.

Research and development of project of national semiconductor illume and industrial alliance (next weighing " semiconductor industry is allied " ) Chairman Geng Bo represents, what sign as a result of both sides is confidential agreement, so inconvenience makes public consultative content, include reconciliatory charge.

Alarm removes

"Of He Zhoulei of grand benefit photoelectron should appeal to helped whole industry. " Li Guoping points out, grand benefit photoelectron and American respect are reached after reconciling, grand benefit photoelectron also becomes China to obtain the LED of American accredit exclusively to enclose an enterprise. Continent Lei general manager forest? Sharp edge express, the United States " 337 investigation " itself is put in a lot of unreasonable places, company to march American market just reconciles act against one's will.

Nevertheless, li Guoping and forest? Sharp edge do not be willing to disclose reconciliatory specific provision and demand. But " daily of the first finance and economics " from ask about know with all possible means, photoelectron of this grand benefit and continent Lei should appeal to the United States " 337 investigation " and reconcile the charge of an expenditure, course of study of the state-owend enterprise in be being achieved possibly should appeal to the United States " 337 investigation " new low, each expenditure is controlled in 1 million dollar only.

It is reported, on opening ceremony of Beijing Olympic Games many 380 SMDLEDS of grand benefit photoelectron and SUPERFLUXSLEDS are applied was in of wonderful program " starlight " , Olympic Games 5 annulus, astronaut, time attack v/LIT an amphora-like jar and closure project to go up. "Reconcile to have nothing to do with the Olympic Games. " forest? Sharp edge say so with Li Guoping.

LED pattern

This year in March, american Colombia university is emeritus professor GertrudeNeumarkRothschild to committee of American international trade (ITC) mentions application, the glow diode that accuses the whole world to 30 enterprises produce in the beauty and sell to the United States (LED) and laser product encroach his a patent (patent date: 5252499) , requirement ITC is right be started by the applicant " 337 investigation " , apply for to eliminate generally to make and prohibit making, exceed firm He Zhoulei of photoelectron of photoelectron, beautiful photoelectron, Guangzhou grand benefit in all case of experience of 4 China company.
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