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The Chinese investment to LED industry
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In recent years, our country increased the investment to LED industry apparently. The branch increased capital investment related the government, give aid to the research and development of semiconductor illume industry and development, if Ministry of Education invests the capital of basic research project of the university, the Chinese Academy of Sciences invests the capital of project of research and development of the institute, the capital of research and development that ministry of science and technology invests with 863 projects, former MII develops foundation project to invest capital with the electron, national hair changes appoint undertake in order to enlarge industrialization dimensions project throwing waiting a moment. A lot of provinces, city also develops semiconductor illume property with multiform devoted capital, ten provinces, city regards industry of our region key as to try to develop semiconductor illume industry.

Group of domestic relevant industry and privately owned capital invest semiconductor illume industry actively also in last few years, somebody reckons investment exceeds 10 billion yuan. Business of the process before domestic LED in recent years new purchase MOCVD equipment 40 ~ 50, chip production equipment is covered hundreds of times, enlarge an enterprise to produce can. 5 country's biggest LED enclose an enterprise to all invest construction new factory building inside nearly two years, add endowment purchase automation to enclose equipment. Additional, as a result of the addition that just invests each, still increased nearly two years very the business that enters this field much newlier.

Of course, the investment risk of LED industry also nots allow to ignore. Because semiconductor illume industry belongs to high-tech industry, have on 10 thousand patent, to investor, the patent protection that should understand this technology domain adequately and patent issue issue, do not answer to intervene at will, draw international lawsuit likely otherwise; the company that makes domain investment with chip to preparing to grow in LED extension, should mature the origin of its core technology, had better want to have the core technology of own intellectual property, duplicate the medium, cheap product that invests LED otherwise, its risk is bigger; Develop in the market on, want mature the intense rate that to Korea and area of our country Taiwan relevant product market competes, especially area of our country Taiwan, the technical level of its LED is higher, crop is bigger also, in market competition respect, form bigger challenge to continent industry.

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