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9 years in June Europe (England) international LED exhibition
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[show time] on June 2, 2009 - 4 days

[show a location] England, one's deceased father civil hang down

[sponsor an unit] British photoelectricity association

[Chinese group is exhibited] exhibition of the border in Guangzhou engineers limited company

[postpone meeting introduction] EUROLED is global LED industry and exhibition of solid state illume and conference, hold every year, held 5 already successfully, it is Europe at present the most professional the most large-scale LED and solid state illume are exhibited. Ginseng of enterprise of more than 800 LED is shared to exhibit in 5 years of in the past, held chair of more than 100 technologies, the success that exhibition place gains and development had established EUROLED is Europe's biggest professional exhibition and conference.

A European LED is exhibited is commerce, technology and the exhibition that application combines and conference omnibus grand meeting. EUROLED is study by British photoelectricity association, Aston research center of illume of garden, solid state is held jointly scientificly, should exhibit the largest window of the meeting to representing global LED and barometer of solid state illuminative namely. European LED exhibits the platform that provided a communication and collaboration to global LED enterprise, offerred chance to develop and enlarge European LED and market of solid state illume. Attracting the manufacturer with famous whole world from beginning to end, supplier of component, equipment and applied business, and LED technologist and the participation that design engineer delegate. Believing EUROLED2009 is an unprecedented LED grand meeting more, will delegate of more enterprises, trade, technologist and design engineer attend.

[market general situation]

The development of LED already was fixed eyes upon for common people, LED market income was added 2006 to 4.2 billion dollar. Newest market is forecasted make clear, be in as tall brightness LED the application of the respect such as indication back illuminant and illume, car illume, in prospective 3-5 year, the integral dimensions of LED market still will grow quickly further, predict to will reach 9 billion dollar 2011. The ceaseless increase that LED shows to illume of landscape of screen, LED applies and medium, large size are in a poor light source application cuts a figure, strong pull stirred LED market demand. LED has stronger market competition ability in all sorts of actual application, its market prospect is very capacious.

[limits of item on display]

Illume of ◆ LED semiconductor reachs application: Lamp of illume of word of glow of LED indication screen, LED, LED, LED is acted the role of, car of illuminant of back of LED traffic light, LED, LED uses application of LED of the lamp, solar energy, LED to control a system to wait

◆ LED encloses / module: Diode of LED of canal of lamp of maneating fish, LED, number, lattice, colonies LED, glow and high-power LED
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