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The friend that wishs all cares support this station is happy mid-autumn!
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Wish my dear friend is happy mid-autumn

Same blessing increases this I likewise changeless annual time, always want to say to you:
No matter where you are not to want to forget me to always be in,be you to be being blessed!

Wish you:
Laugh at a mouth to often open happy and in good health good luck lucky again and again

When does the bright moon have
A just judge wine 問
Do not know ethereal 宮 闕
Today evening is why year
My desire goes by 風 歸
Yu Yu of wary 瓊 樓
Tall 處 not 勝 is cold
Have brandish clear picture
He Shi is in person 間
戶 of low 綺 of 轉 bright red 閣 illuminates 無 Mian
Not 應 has regret why thing 長 to 別 時 圓
The person has Bei 歡 離 to close
The month has 陰 fine 圓 to be short of
This matter ancient 難 is complete
But 願 person 長 is long
A thousand li in all 嬋 beautiful

Maritime unripe bright moon, skyline in all right now!
Starlight is glaring, bright month is unripe brightness,
Mid-autumn festival, happy hour!
Know the person ability that be at ease to find relaxed,
Know oblivious person ability to find freedom,
The person ability that understands consideration finds a friend.
Festival arrived mid-autumn, cordial wish you,
My friend life is happy, the career is successful, healthy.
Wish sweet companion you had gone one year each days medium,
Warmth is spent along with you in a day each when,
Had gone with you in safety temporarily each medium minutes,
Give a person the string that with the aftertaste is my longing not only mid-autumn
That round of bright moon and as round like the moon month
If you are cared about,mid-autumn is a wonderful time,
It can call drain of ground of your incisively and vividly to give affective wisdom. . . .
Joy accompanies you to spend the one each second in cent
Bless you forever. . . . . . .

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