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Illume of landscape of Shanghai international city reached LED exhibition 8 year
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2008Illume of landscape of Shanghai international city andLEDExhibition

2008Year on December 2- 4 days

Shanghai new international reads extensively center (Yang Lu of Shanghai Pudong dragon 2345)

Special support: Housing of People's Republic of China and ministry of urban and rural construction
Sponsor an unit / assist run an unit:
China International commerce promotes committee
Shanghai program bureau
Committee of major of illume of landscape of Chinese illume association
Shanghai landscape learns
Shanghai builds a society
Taiwan builds technical society
International builds society (ICU)
Recieve an unit: Chinese trade hurried is met Shanghai Pudong branch
Undertake unit: Shanghai Pudong international shows a company
Shanghai coronal connects international to show concoctive limited company

Synergic website: Chinese LED websiteHttp://

The welcome enters illume of landscape of city of 2008 Shanghai international and LED exhibition:
Illume of landscape of city of 2007 Shanghai international reachs LED exhibition, in Shanghai new international exhibits a center to ring down the curtain satisfactorily! The 28516 professional audiences, abroad major of 19% buys the home, ginseng to exhibit the enthusiastic echo with unprecedented a note of the ancient Chinese five-tone scale, can delimit to exhibit went up satisfactory full stop.
As the success of Beijing Olympic Games was held 2008, the advent that Shanghai world rich met 2010, china each are big the city intensifies having a city municipal project, cheng of transportation of each place, road, municipal light chemical industry is built and transform in intense in undertaking, illuminate for urban landscape reached LED bright application and promotion to offer once in a blue moon good luck. And China regards industry of illume of an internationalization landscape as base, had attracted a whole world to purchase the look of business.
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