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Indoor / the convention of outdoors LED indication screen installs means
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1) shows screen installs means in doors

Indoor bear high-density concrete can use a standard to a string of 1 very, boom length inspects spot condition and decide. Indoor girder uses wire rope hoisting, consistent steel tube decorates color of coat and screen body.

Hang outfit
Common hang outfit: Apply to screen body gross weight to be less than the indication screen of 50kg, can hang on main wall directly, need not take maintenance space.

Rotate bracket hangs outfit:
Apply to weight to be more than 50kg, screen body height and width all are more than the indication screen of 1200mm, must install go up in main wall, because its are general the area is larger, tear open outfit difficulty, rotate through screen body so solve maintenance space.

Set outfit
Setting outfit structure is to be on wall body punch, set indication screen inside its, dimension of requirement mouth of a cave and conform to of dimension of the casing outside indication screen, do decorate appropriately, be the mouth of a cave on body of facilitating maintenance wall must be be well versed in, before needing to use otherwise, disassemble orgnaization.

2) is outdoors indication screen installs means

The LED outdoor shows screen area is larger, the design of its steel structure should consider foundation, wind to carry, temperature of magnitude, waterproof, dustproof, environment, avoid a lot of element such as thunder. Distribution ark, air conditioning, axis should be placed to sort the auxiliary equipment such as fan, illume inside steel structure, have Ma Dao even, climb the maintenance facilities such as ladder. Structure of whole and outdoors screen should accord with IP65 to defend below grade.

Hang outfit


outdoors screen installation is on platform or on pillar. Pillar is divided again for pillar and double pillar, divide outside needing to make screen system steel structure, still need to make concrete or steel pillar, basically consider geological condition of the foundation.

Origin: Umbriferous times

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